Newsweek Engulfed In Social Media Backlash on Eve of Historic WAZA Dolphin Protest


By Kirsten Massebeau

A Newsweek article entitled “A Social Media Storm Descends on Taiji, the Japanese Town at the Center of a Dolphin Slaughter” is on the cover of Newsweek. The cover image depicts a red wave with blue birds flying towards the heavens. The cover states, “Twitter Tsunami, A Japanese Fishing Village Unleashes a Social Media Storm”. Newly resurrected Newsweek author Bill Powell comes on strong painting a romantic picture of a small “fishing village”. He calls the hunt tradition despite the recently revealed information that the dolphin drive began in 1969. Through-out Bill Powell’s Newsweek article he describes the experiences of a “slight elderly woman” who does not understand why dolphin advocates are coming from around the world to speak out for the dolphins captured and slaughtered in “The Cove“. The real truth is hunters and dolphin trainers work side by side sorting through dolphin pods, selecting the juveniles, and slaughtering their parents, the injured, and unwanted by aquariums using a technique called pithing that can be viewed here.

Powell cleverly vilifies the social media movement portraying the dolphin hunters as a group of quiet “fisherman” plagued by the cruel outside world. He uses the word “tsunami” bringing up painful memories for the Japanese people, connecting the term to social media. He continues using the “elderly woman’s” impressions making the hunters and captive industry seem helpless victims of a modern world:

“She also knows that Caroline Kennedy, the high-profile U.S. ambassador to Japan, helped fuel the global outrage with a tweet on January 17, 2014, saying “she was deeply concerned by the “inhumane-ness” of the hunt”. But Isoda, like most members of the local fishing families, is unapologetic-and quietly bitter over how her little fishing village has been vilified by celebrities and civilians all over the world.”

The global anger generated by the annual dolphin drive is the latest example of how social activism is being transformed by technology”.(source)

Angel was the first dolphin removed from the pod. It was rumored that her mother  committed an act of suicide when Angel was ripped from her side. Whether she committed suicide, was slaughtered, or driven back out to sea will never be known. Powell foolishly quotes a dolphin hunter calling albino-ism and illness when in fact it occurs in many species including humans. In addition to claiming a wild albino dolphin who has the protection of her mother, a deep ocean, and a mega pod is better off in a shallow pool with strangers demonstrates his skewed source.

“A local official in Taiji denies that albinos can fetch such an exorbitant price. They’re white “because of disease,” he adds, and thus are actually more likely to survive longer in captivity than in the ocean”.(source)

The above video is Angel being bullied at the Taiji Whale Museum in a cramped tank.

Despite Bill Powell, and Newsweek’s attempt to throw up a smokescreen for Taiji the truth has surfaced and is not going away. When a mega pod of bottlenose dolphins was pushed into the cove this January the world would watch day after day as the juveniles were taken captive and their parents then slaughtered for fertilizer:

“A wild dolphin caught in Taiji, for example, will sell for around $500-600 US for its meat. But a live trained dolphin will sell on the international market for as much as $150,000 US. The huge prices offered by JAZA and WAZA member aquariums for live dolphins sustain the brutal Taiji killing of hundreds of dolphins each year, which would likely collapse without the aquarium trade”.(source) In addition, the meat is toxic and unfit for human consumption despite Bill Powell’s claims!

It seems Newsweek’s Bill Powell has unleashed his own social media backlash as comments of outrage continue to load into the article. Newsweek cannot delete the angry comments of the masses quickly enough, stating their Newsweek subscriptions will be cancelled, calling Newsweek irresponsible, and corrupt.

The release of Bill Powell’s skewed article seems almost strategically released by Newsweek on the eve of a historic event. On March 28, 2014, only hours away, demonstrators will convene at the headquarters of The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) demanding they sever their ties with The Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA) whose members, specifically the Taiji Whale Museum are trafficking blood dolphins to aquariums worldwide:

“Ric O’Barry, Director of Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin Project, will attend a demonstration in front of the offices of WAZA in Gland, Switzerland. O’Barry and members of the environmental coalition are expected to be received by WAZA Director, Dr. Gerald Dick, and his lawyer in front of the media, where the environmental coalition will demand the organization expel their “Association Member” Japan Association of Zoos & Aquariums (JAZA), over violations of the WAZA Code of Ethics & Animal Welfare in relation to the brutal Taiji dolphin drive hunts in Japan, fueled and financed by the international dolphin captivity industry, including JAZA and WAZA member aquariums.

Joining Ric O’Barry, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Cetacean Society International and the Swiss nonprofit OceanCare, is Sakae Hemmi of ELSA Nature Conservancy of Japan and one of the first persons to film and publicize the slaughters, along with numerous activists dressed up for the occasion. Ms. Hemmi and Elsa recently pleaded with WAZA Director Dick, in a series of letters from Japan, to stop the subsidizing of the dolphin hunts by aquariums that are members of JAZA and WAZA”.(source)

 Join the event in Switzerland or join us on social media as we move together as one voice sending out a Thunderclap for dolphins, highly intelligent beings, citizens of the ocean, that are being captured and slaughtered in The Cove. All the Bill Powell’s of the world cannot stop the terrible truth of the modern day dolphin horror taking place in Taiji, a dolphins worst nightmare. We are not a social media “tsunami”, we are the light that is shining brighter and brighter as the dark truth about what goes on in the cove is exposed to world in an attempt to end the dolphin death and suffering.

On March 31, 2014 Louie Psiyhoyas director of the academy award winning film has come out in defense of dolphins condemning the slanted article by Newsweek glorifying and romanticizing the brutal slaughter and capture of dolphins for marine parks in Taiji Japan:

[Editor’s Note: The following is a response from Louie Psihoyos, Director of The Cove, to a March 27 Newsweek story by Bill Powell.]

I usually don’t respond to our few detractors, but the recent article in Newsweek seemed deserving because the misinformation it contained might be believed. Mr. Powell’s article contains false equivalence and journalistic cowardice that insists that every story must have two sides. It’s also devoid of basic fact checking.

I hope to set the record straight by clarifying a few of the article’s claims, and by releasing unedited footage from The Cove that has never been seen before, so that the public can determine for themselves that none of the footage we used was doctored.

“Mistrust of the filmmakers and anti-hunt activists is so intense that some villagers, who say the water never turns that red during the killing, believe the producers later added the lurid color with special effects. The filmmakers adamantly deny this.”

I have always said that the slaughter we showed in The Cove was the Disney version of what actually happens behind the tarps. It seems that now it’s time to show the truth of how barbaric the Taiji fishermen and their renegade mayor really are, (Read the article and see the unseen raw footage here!)

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Naval Exercises Possible Cause of Florida Pilot Whale Strandings

By Kirsten Massebeau and Barbara Napoles

On Tuesday December 3rd  National Park Services found a pod of approximately 51 pilot whales stranded on the edge of the Florida Everglades in shallow waters near Highland Point. They immediately notified NOAA fisheries. On Wednesday December 4th rescuers and scientists arrived on  to assess the situation and attempt to move the pilot whales to deeper water. Rescuers and scientists attempted to use a technique involving sound called  “Oikomi” used by the dolphin hunters of Taiji to herd dolphins to the shallow waters of Hatakejiri Bay, know as “The Cove” where they are slaughtered and captured for the marine parks and aquariums. The banger boats create a semi-circle around the dolphins. They then drop metal poles into the water that they bang on creating a moving wall of sound (source) “On Wednesday, efforts to herd the surviving whales out to sea by forming a semi-circle of boats and making noise by hitting chains on the side and revving the engines did not work”.(Source)

“Of the 51 whales originally stranded, 11 have died, and 5 went missing overnight Wednesday”.(source)

Thursday December 5th rescuers and scientist returned to Highland Point. The remaining 41 whales had left the area: “By Thursday morning, the pilot whales were not in their initial stranding site. As of 11:45am, Thursday, a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter spotted three separate pods of approximately 35 whales spread over 1,000 yards (4 nautical miles) seaward of the Seminole Point/Plover Key area (about 9 miles north of previous stranding location). 15 boats were used to again, and did push the whale 10-15 miles out to deeper water approximately 15 feet deep. “The team was unable to locate the remaining 5 whales from the original pod sighting”.(Source)

Friday morning bought more bad news as two whales were seen swimming in 2-3 feet of water off Plover Key nine miles North of the deceased whales found the day prior. In addition,”Seven whales are free swimming in 12-14 feet of water, Southwest of Plover Key. The larger group of 24 whales has not been relocated”. (source)

Many people are wondering why and how these deep water whales stranded on the shallow shelf of the Gulf Basin with some whales more compromised than others. Pilot whales are known to be deep divers that stay far from shallow waters: “They feed primarily on squid, but they may also feed on octopus and fish, all from moderately deep water of 1000 feet (305 m) or more. When they are swimming and probably looking for food, pilot whales form ranks that can be over a kilometer (more than 1/2 mile) long”.(source) When one is sick the others will often follow but the question still remains as to what caused this stranding and terrible suffering and loss of cetacean life?

High school biology teacher and ocean activist Edward Johnson of Cannon Beach, Oregon posted on Facebook about the MH60R helicopter with this statement: “Just in case the Navy starts explaining how they in no way had anything to do with the Everglades whale stranding. This hybred helicopter has the power to damage the echolocation capacity of these pilot whales”(source) The MH60R is indeed equipped with an impressive array of defensive and counter defensive weaponry:

  • Sonobuoy launcher
  • Raytheon AN/AQS-22 advanced airborne low-frequency (ALFS) dipping sonar.
  • Lockheed Martin AGM-114 Hellfire anti-surface missiles.
  • The MH-60R can carry up to three ATK mk50 or mk46 active / passive lightweight torpedoes.
  •  7.62mm machine gun
  • Lockheed Martin AN/ALQ-210 electronic support measures system (ESM)
  • Electronic warfare systems include the ATK AN/AAR-47 missile warner,
  • Laser warning system
  • BAE Systems AN/ALQ-144 infrared jammer and
  • AN/ALE-39 chaff and flare decoy dispenser.
  • Raytheon AN/AAS-44 detecting / tracking system
  • Forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and laser rangefinder.
  • Telephonics AN/APS-147 multimode radar, which has inverse synthetic aperture (ISAR) imaging and periscope and small target detection capabilities.
  •  AN/APS-153 radar, with the automatic radar periscope detection and discrimination (ARPDD) capability.

“Commander, Strike Force Training Atlantic (CSFTL) is evaluating CSG2 on how well they perform during simulated surface and sub-surface threats and ship movements such as transiting a strait in hostile waters.

“CSFTL will evaluate our ability to perform all the different mission sets,” said Cmdr. Andrew Walton, the operations officer of USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77). “This includes everything from counter-piracy to maritime interdiction operations and strike warfare.”(source)

OPAREA. An ocean area defined by geographic coordinates with defined surface and subsurface areas and associated special use airspace. OPAREAs include the following:
Danger Zones. A danger zone is a defined water area used for target practice, bombing, rocket firing or other especially hazardous military activities. Danger zones are established pursuant to statutory authority of the Secretary of the Army and are
administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Danger zones may be closed to the
public on a full-time or intermittent basis (33 Code of Federal Regulations [CFR] 334).(source pg.49)

While NOAA suggests mobilivirus as the cause of the pilot whale strandings ocean activists are questioning as to why the Bush Strike Group Comptuex exercises December 2nd through 8th have not been mentioned. Considering the location of the pilot whales strandings to OPAREA an area designated for Special Use Airspace and other activities this seems negligent.

The Navy has been given what many are calling an excessive number of takes, ” “The Navy estimates it will harm marine mammals over 33 million times in the next five years”(source) Despite public outcry NOAA/NMFS have gone ahead and given the Navy a Letter of Authorization to increase the harm caused to Marine Mammals using archaic mitigation measures such as “look outs,” people looking at the surface for dolphins and whales.

Upon application from the U.S. Navy (Navy), we the National Marine Fisheries
Service (NMFS) are issuing regulations under the Marine Mammal Protection Act to govern the unintentional taking of marine mammals incidental to training and testing activities conducted in the Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing (AFTT) Study Area from November 2013 through November 2018. These regulations allow us to issue Letters of Authorization (LOA) for the incidental take of marine mammals during the Navy’s specified activities and timeframes, set forth the permissible methods of taking, set forth other means of effecting the least practicable adverse impact on marine mammal species or stocks and their habitat, and set forth requirements pertaining to the monitoring and reporting of the incidental take.
DATES: Effective November 14, 2013, through November 13, 2018.(source pg1)

While National Security is important to all American’s when is the price too great to the ocean and ocean life such as the pilot whale who is actually a dolphin, highly evolved and intelligent? We must question whether we have the right to take their lives in the name of training for war.

Naval testing activities in the Atlantic Training Complex can “Take” 15,701 class B harassments and 153 pilot whale deaths within a one year period and 74,614 level B “Takes” and 163 level A recorded death of pilot whales over the five year period(source)

Naval training can “Take” 101,252 level B harassments and 3 pilot whale deaths within a one year period and 506,240 level B harassments and 15 recorded Level A deaths of pilot whales over the 5 year period (source)

Our voice is their only hope. As ocean advocates we must  stand up and speak up and out for the dolphins, whales and all the ocean life that is going to be impacted by the Navy’s ever increasing war games in the oceans. We must demand transparency, we must demand acoustic necropsy and access to those results.

The global community has a right to speak up for the whales and dolphins. Whalers and the captive industry are constantly being reminded by activists that they do not in fact own the whales and the dolphins that inhabit the oceans. Surely we must have the same voice in speaking out against the Navy and their ever increasing training exercises and war games that have the capacity to clear cut our oceans of whales, dolphins and many other species of ocean life.

Update 12/9/2013

We understand that NOAA and the Navy cannot reveal or acknowledge COMPTUEX Naval Exercises because of National Security as was the case with the Cape Cod Strandings. We will be updating as necropsy results become available that we will begin trying to obtain via: the Freedom of Information Act. We encourage all activists to follow up as well.

Follow the NOAA updates on the pilot whales : Here

TWEETSTORM #EndFaroeGrind Trends Globally!

By Kirsten Massebeau

The #EndFaroeGrind Tweetstorm has been declared a success! The new campaign to bring global awareness to the Faroe Islands small cetacean slaughter called the grind (grindadráp) trended at number two on Twitter, a serious accomplishment. Today major media outlets recognize the power of Twitter and dolphin activists are successfully using the power of the Tweetstorm. #EndFaroeGrind Tweetstorm brought Stormers from all corners of the earth to speak up for cetaceans. Activists came out creating a loud voice for the 1534 small whales, and dolphins, that have died violent deaths in the shallow bays of the Faroe Islands. The meat has been deemed toxic, the pilot whale population numbers are data deficient, and the slaughter method is inhumane yet the grind continues. Is this tradition or an adrenaline rush is one of the many issues tweeted.

The beauty of the Tweetstorm is Storm organizers can evaluate their reach. Spreading awareness worldwide is the goal that can be analyzed later in order that Stormers can continue to increase their audience educating the world about the Faroe grind and other dolphin drives.

Google Analytics Audience Overview

Google Analytics Audience Overview of #EndFaroeGrind Tweetstorm

The Global Awareness #EndFaroeGrind team would like to thank dolphin Stormers worldwide. Our first Tweetstorm has proved to be a success, the numbers don’t lie. Remember we are the voice of dolphins and whale everywhere. Without our voice there is no hope. Stormers stay tuned to I Love Dolphins, Save the Blood Dolphins, Champions for Cetaceans, and Ocean Protectors for the next event.

Champions for Cetaceans Daily Scoop: Dolphins die in The Faroe Island

By Kirsten Massebeau

Welcome to Champions for Cetaceans first daily scoop. Each Day I will be presenting a cetacean event. I plan on making these posts very short in order that I may have time to put them up daily. That will allow subscribers to have a daily look into important ocean, and cetacean issues:


On September 23, 2012 a pod of 25-30 pilot whales was driven into the shallows Vestmanna in the Faroe Islands and slaughtered. The method is described here. Although the meat is poisonous with Mercury and other PCB’s the grinds continue. Since June 16, 2012  636 pilot whales have been slaughtered.

23.09.2012 Vestmanna 25 218 Grindahvalir Rakstrar- og drápspartar

Link for the above data and grinds for current and past years 

The grind was reported on as is every grind.

The grind is opposed by cetacean conservation groups worldwide because:

1) “The work has revealed damage to fetal neural development, high blood pressure, and impaired immunity in children, as well as increased rates of Parkinson’s disease, circulatory problems and possibly infertility in adults”.  (Source)

2) The killing method is inhumane as noted by WDCS International who have asked the Faroe Islands to stop the dolphin slaughters (Source)

3) The hunt is unsustainable. Pilot whale numbers are data deficient (Source)

In addition, dolphins have large brains very similar to mans as explored in this article on Dolphin Way

Champions for Cetaceans supports and end to this cruel hunting of dolphins. We appeal to the Faroe Islands to find a way to live in peace with these amazing beings. By ending the hunt they will also make the work load easier for the next generation of Faroe Islanders that will end up the caregivers for those negatively impacted by the toxic dolphin meat.

Please join us on Facebook: Champions for Cetaceans

220 Pilot Whale Slaughter in The Faroe Islands

By Kirsten Massebeau

Slaughtered Mother Whale and her unborn child

The chant of activist swim fast,swim far,swim deep, did not help 220 pilot on May 28, 2011. Trying to avoid colder currents the whales traveled too close to the Faroe Islands. The Faroese  spotted a pod traveling near their shores.  They sped out to sea and drove the pod of panicked pilot whales into a bay where the community methodically slaughters the entire pod. The entire process is watched over by officials who then distribute the meat to each household. Sadly the death of so many is senseless. 1200 years ago when the Norse tradition grind began the waters were clear and free from toxins. Today the meat is known to carry substantial levels of mercury and PCB’s. that are known to cause Parkinson’s disease and illnesses in children as noted by 1200 years ago the proud Norse settlers depended on the grind for survival. Today the grind has become senseless as the meat puts Faroese people and families at risk for future health problems. In addition, so much is known today about dolphin intelligence. Dolphins have brain very similar to mans. The grind is a cultural tradition that whale and dolphin supporters hope can be in memory only. Today though was not the case: “The indigenous people spent all day at the port during the cutting process, will be charged to teach their children to learn how the whales did not neglect to keep them”

In taking action many have said not to bother with the Danish Government (as the Faroese are self governing), but to go directly to the Faroese Government. It is time the EU puts it’s foot down and makes the Faroes stop killing pilot whales and join, or no more trade agreements.” When Denmark in 1973 joined the European Economic Community, now the European Union, the Faroes had the option to remain outside. Like other fisheries dependent communities, the Faroese have not found it their interest to become subject to the Common Fisheries Policy“. We must urge the Faorese government that it is in their best interests to end the “grindadráp”.
Take Action:
Contact The Prime Minister of The Faroe Islands Office and the Faroes Board of Tourism. Urge them to stop killing pilot whales.
Minister Prime Kaj Leo Johannesen
p.o. box 64
FO-110 Torshavan
Teli-+ 298-306-000
The Faroe Islands Board of Tourism
Bryggjubakki 12
P.O box 118
Fo 110 Tórshavn
Tel +298 306100
Fax +298 306105
Please take the time to email, call, or even write a hand written letter. It will take more time as The Faroe Government does not have easy contact information. We know that is a way to silence our comments, so let’s take the extra time.
                                 We do it for them. We must be their voice on land.

Swim Fast* Swim Far*Swim Deep

Taiji’s Dolphin Slaughter Continues Through May

By Kirsten Massebeau

Swim Far*Swim Fast*Swim Deep

The first post from Scott West in Taiji, via A Teen Age Activist ignited the whale and dolphin activists world wide. For the next two days Scott West of Sea Shepherds and Brian Barnes of Save Japan Dolphins released pictures and updates as a pod of intelligent, sensitive, pilot whales were brutally murdered in the blood cove. The fisherman of Taiji thought they would be able to carry out this crime against these defenseless beings without detection. They didn’t realize when they met at 4am prior to the slaughter that morning, that their every move would be recorded and reported to the world. During the next 48 hours A Teen Age Activist posted 43 times with breaking news as the murders hung the blue tarps of death, sharpened their knives, and then eventually lead mothers and fathers under the blue tarp for a violent death like no other.
On May 4, 2011 at 13:50 a picture of the pilot whales in a netted area was released. You can see them close up. The fear in their eyes came through so clearly. Posts on Facebook from activists reflected the love and concern for the pilot whales! To know that these gentle beings, with such expressive faces were to undergo a death beyond imagination was more than many could take. The entire community of dolphin and whale activists buzzed with anger, and an out pouring of love.
On May 4, 2011 at 15:03 the first bloody images posted to Facebook by Brian Barnes. What had seemed just a nightmare became a reality as evidenced by the blood flowing freely in the cove. Thanks to Scott West, Brian Barnes, and A Teen Age Activist “their dirty little secret” had been exposed to the world again. No longer could they carry out their sadistic, and cruel torture of dolphins without the eyes of the world watching.
As two horrific days unfolded Facebook was alive twenty four hours a day. Everyone wanted to know what do we do? Scott West, Brian Barnes, and Steven Thompson another activist in Japan encouraged the entire community to call the Japanese Embassies and ask them to spare the pregnant mothers and babies. The Sea Shepherds released a page with all of the Japanese Embassies listed. The calling began. Not every Japanese embassy was glad to hear from an activist. The San Francisco Public Relations officer of the Embassy make a pesimistic statement, “If you think your call can save those pilot whales you are mistaken. You are wasting your time”. On May 5, 2011 at 17:39 Scott West reported via A Teen Age Activist, “But for the public outcry, I am sure all of these whales would be dead. They may still die anyway without their parents and leaders, but thank you all for making the calls. -Scott. Their were 20 babies left. When the fisherman opened the nets the babies just huddled into a corner. Never once did they stop trying to look under the tarps to catch a glimpse of their mother or father who was long since dead.
Eventually the dolphin molesters opened the nets and drove the children out to sea. Their chances of survival are not good because they are babies without the skills to hunt, many of the babies not weened from mothers milk. Gratefully, they were not led one by one to under the blue tarps to their death. At last the blood cove was quiet.
The Cove in Taiji, Japan tucked away in a National Park and is a
Activists continue the fight to end the mass slaughter of dolphins in Taiji. The love expressed on Facebook for these gentle being was remarkable. Although the Cove Guardians, and Save Japan Dolphins are no longer in Taiji the battle to save dolphins and all cetaceans continue the fight. A Teen Age Activist encourages all activists to continue making phone calls to the Japanese Embassies, and to keep sending emails and letters to the Japanese Government asking them to stop murdering dolphins and whales.
Now that the watchful eyes of activists are off the blood cove the dolphin molesters can carry out their cruelty without interference. Now more than ever it is so important that we keep the momentum going. Please keep calling and writing. The dolphin molesters have a permit that allows them to continue killing through the month of May. They murdered 60 Pilot whales at the Cove, meaning 140 more pilot whales will lose their lives to the dolphin molesters (Fisherman’s Union F.U.)




Contact the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC and urge them to stop killing dolphins and whales.  Be polite, and urge them to protect Japanese consumers from mercury poisoning from eating dangerous whale and dolphin meat.

Ambassador Ichiro FUJISAKI

2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20008

Phone:  202-238-6700

Fax: 202-328-2187

Japan Information and Culture Center


Email the Prime Minister of Japan Nato Kan. Let him know you will not support Japan if they won’t stop murdering cetaceans. By Law the Japanese government must respond to all emails. This is a direct link to his comment page.
Make Today A Day for all the Dolphins of Taiji, Please Call and Write Now. They need us!

Japan News for May 2011

By Kirsten Massebeau

The Pilot Whales Being Led to Their Death

Japan’s deceptive and dishonorable tactics to cover up their whaling activities have failed. Their  lies to the world are transparent, and in the long run will harm them more than they realize at a time when they need the world to see them in a positive light. Now again when we think of Japan, we only can see the cove, red with the blood of innocents.

On May 4th a pod of approximately 75 beautiful, intelligent pilot whales were driven into the blood cove in Taiji Japan. The whales watched and waited, for many hours as the Japanese hung the blue tarp they hide behind when they do their killing. You could see the pilot whales  in the netted enclosures nervously bobbing up and down. They knew the worst was yet to happen. Hours passed and eventually the killing began. The Japanese Fisherman led the adults under the tarps and then descended upon them with their crude knives and hooks. The red blood filled the cove. The pilot whales fought for their lives with all they had. They thrashed, and threw themselves onto the rocks, but the Japanese Fisherman are well trained torturers of cetaceans. The women and children listened, and tried to look under the tarps as the matriarch, their parents, and the rest of their adult community were slowly and  brutally murdered over a two day period. Many of the victims were dragged alive, with their spinal cords severed, all the way to the slaughter house, where the final end would come. For the next two days the remaining victims would swim in the red blood of their families without food, getting weaker and weaker, knowing that the future only held death for their pod.
This year the dolphin molesters of Taiji, and the Japanese government did their best to throw off activists with a media propaganda blitz.

On February 16, 2011, the Japanese cancelled their Antarctica campaign thanks to the Sea Shepherds who literally chased the Japanese out of the Antarctic. On February 26, 2011 Brian Barnes from Save Japan Dolphins confirmed the tarps had come down in the blood cove. It seemed the season had ended. On March 11, 2011 the tsunami stuck Japan. The Sea Shepherds Crew had just arrived in Otsuchi to document the horrific Dall’s porpoise hunt that takes place every year. They watched from a hill as the entire city was devastated.

In the days that followed Japan reached out to the world for help and the world responded with compassion. The tragedy that unfolded was beyond our imaginations. Many of us reached with donations, and words of  love and encouragement. We  hoped that the Japanese would finally listen to the world and stop killing cetaceans. How very wrong we were. There would be no compassion for whales and dolphins from the Japanese.
On April 26, 2011 three Japanese whaling ships left the ports of Kushiro and Hokkaido in their spring research whaling vessel. The permit given to the 30 member crew of the research vessel allows them to harpoon and kill 60 minke whales. The permit ends sometime in June. Their will be no compassion for the minke J stock as noted by Sue Fisher, “The pressure on vulnerable coastal whale populations continues in all three whaling countries. Whales in coastal waters face increasing threats from entanglement in fishing gear, habitat degradation and ship strikes.  Japan’s doubling of its take off Hokkaido is cause for concern, as it could have serious implications for the endangered J stock of Minke whales.”(Sue Fisher, WDSF,

On May 2, 2011 the Wakayama government issued a permit to brutally murder 200 innocent pilot whales in the blood cove. On May 4, 2011 the news from the cove was immediate. Thanks to Brian Barnes of Save Japan Dolphins, and the Sea Shepherds Cove Guardian headed by Scott West the ugly and dark secrets of Taiji’s blood cove would be again seen by the world.

Video Provided by Save Japan’s Dolphins

As the horror unfolded dolphin and whale supporters networked worldwide. As the Japanese dolphin molesters led an entire community to their death we blogged and networked like never before. The internet buzzed with action. Petitions were signed, emails sent, and phone calls to the embassies made. When I personally called the Japanese Embassy in San Francisco the young man I spoke with said, “If you think calling the embassies is going to help save those pilot whales you are mistaken. You are wasting your time”. I let him know that we would continue calling until we did make a difference!!

Interestingly, in the midst of the murders in the blood cove a fellow dolphin supporter shared and article from the travel site “Inside Japan”. The article posted was, “Taiji coastal whaling season cancelled”.

“A controversial coastal whale hunting season in Wakayama Prefecture has been cancelled, much to the delight of Japanese animal rights protesters.”

Was this article just written by chance in hopes that tourists with objections to the yearly dolphin massacre that takes the lives of 1000’s, would spoil their tourist season. Did this travel agency want to hide the truth? Or did the Japanese government release this to throw off activists?
Let “Inside Japan” know that when their post went out a genocide of pilot whales was taking place!  Let them know your travel dollars won’t be going to Japan until the killing stops.

Eventually the dolphin molesters opened the nets for some of the juveniles, or rather children. The poor babies just stayed huddled in a corner of the net, swimming in the water red  with the blood of their families, anxiously looking towards the tarps for a glimpse of their mother or father. The Japanese attempted to drive them out to sea using their banger boats late in the afternoon. Their survival is not probable as they were all babies. The Matriarch that led them was dead, their parent were dead. They are now alone in a sea without their families who provided them with food, guidance, directions, all the things we need as humans. The pilot whale children stay with their parents for their entire lives. They are at the same growth rate as humans. How could the Japanese dolphin molesters expect them expect to make it?

We will never know if the nets were opened in response to all of our calls but because there might be a chance we need to call again and again, and yes, again.

Here is a list of Japanese Embassies. Please start calling the embassy closest to you Monday morning at 9am. A phone call is nothing compared to the horror we witnessed this week.


Contact the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC and urge them to stop killing dolphins and whales.  Be polite, and urge them to protect Japanese consumers from mercury poisoning from eating dangerous whale and dolphin meat.

Ambassador Ichiro FUJISAKI

2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20008

Phone:  202-238-6700

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Japan Information and Culture Center


Email the Prime Minister of Japan Nato Kan. Let him know you will not support Japan if they won’t stop murdering cetaceans. By Law the Japanese government must respond to all emails. This is a direct link to his comment page.

Please Support the Sea Shepherds, The Cove Guardians, Save Japan Dolphins, and Wdsf/Prowal.

These groups are making a difference and if we take action we too can make things happen by joining our voices and letting the 26 dolphin molesters, and the 30 “research” whale molesters know the world has had enough of their tradition!! It is time for the senseless killing to stop. It is time for the cove to be a place of peace, not death.