How Champions for Cetaceans Began

By Kirsten Massebeau

During the last week of October 2010 I was vacationing in Arcata, California where I picked up a local paper called, “Humboldt”. In the paper was an article about the Navy’s plan to  expand their Northwest Training Complex on the  California, Oregon, and Washington Coastline. The article went onto say that the navy had applied for a permit to harass and take  11.7 million marine mammals. I was absolutely horrified! What came to mind was all these gentle, beautiful creatures have so much against them in our modern world. So many countries still persist with heartless murder of creatures we someday may be able to communicate with.  From “The Cove” in Taiji Japan, Iceland, the Japanese in the  Antarctic, and the Danish on the Faroe  Islands massacre Cetaceans don’t have a chance to survive on planet earth. And now the Navy is going to increase its use of  Sonar, and underwater laser that will literally crush a whales brain, and shatter a dolphins ear drums until he or she can no longer navigate or hunt, hence death, starvation, or a fishing net they can’t  navigate away from.

With all this new information I contacted my Dad Environmental Ed. As a Champion for issues related to our oceans and their wildlife I knew he would jump  right on board. When I returned home to Cannon Beach Dad and I approached several groups hoping to get them involved. At that point we had hoped NOAA would extend the conversation period and reconsider giving the Navy a permit to kill our Cetaceans and other sea life. Unfortunately NOAA closed the discussion period and gave the Navy their permit to kill, harass anyone or thing that gets in the way of their war games in our oceans. We decided at that point that helping Cetaceans was going to be a long-term commitment hence the creation of this site.   It is for the people of the sea who forever try to make friends with man that we have committed ourselves to this path. It is for them we take on this challenge as their Champions, and take an oath to continue to fight for their lives, and survival.



Ed’s Daughter

1 thought on “How Champions for Cetaceans Began

  1. Way to go. What a great website. I hope we are able to do great things with it. Someday the world will appreciate what you are doing.

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