Stop NOAA from Tagging Orca’s File # 781-1824

Dad spent all morning on this. Follow the path below to give Orca’s a voice.

Email your objections to:

or write to:

Chief, Permits, Conservation and Education Division

NMFS, 1315 East-West Highway, Room 13705,
Silver Spring, MD 20910

File No. 781-1824
In opposition to proposed Permitting

Decision Makers:
I am opposed to this proposal based on the following:
1) The size of the resident pod that is designated for this study is so small that based on tagging up to 20 orcas per year would mean all pod members could be involved over a five year period.
2) The method of tagging is questionable, and resulted in the death of at least one mammal. This based on past research conducted by NMF when high powered air guns were used to deliver the dart.
3) Once tagged long term puncture wounds can develop which could put these mammals at risk for potential debilitating diseases.
4) Less invasive tracking methods have been identified which would provide much more data over longer periods of time as compared to the proposed dart tagging which lasts a maximum of 90 days.

The work of various individuals, societies and organizations have made well documented efforts to understand our fellow community members. It is an affront to their extreme intelligece, and exposes them to unwarrented risks. By all means please deny this proposal and allow for futher review and hopefully modifications which will include input from a caring human community.

Edward W. Johnson
Cannon Beach, OR 97110

3 thoughts on “Stop NOAA from Tagging Orca’s File # 781-1824

  1. I found there is a great deal of information on tagging at A super website. The authors are interacting with the Orca’s.

  2. All great points Environmental Ed. I just don’t understand what gives them the right to harm the Orca’s with their tags. I saw a picture of a fin that had been terribly damaged by the tagging. I was shocked at how large the tag was, and how deep it went into the Orca’s sensitive fins. I sent a letter out to NOAA requesting rethink this program.

    • Lily B, It must be obvious that I am really new to this form of communication, it’s baby steps all the way. Just sent you email edatthebeach before reading what daughter Kirsten had submitted in response to you original comment.
      The old saying united we stand, for all creatures we represent those who can not speak for themselves.
      Reply soon EE

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