Killer Whales Flee Deadly Naval Sonar

This video, narrated by Ken Balcomb from the Center for Whale Research, will give you a good idea of how sonar effects Cetaceans. In this video the whales frantically try to get away from the ear shattering, brain crushing  sounds.
To think  that these killer whales are not impacted by naval sonar is complete ignorance.

Last month when 33 whales were stranded and died in the British Isles. The British Navy immediately took the bodies of the pilot whales away to do necropies. That was over a month ago and still no results have been released.  There should   have been a release of the findings  to the public  yet that hasn’t happened. Why not ? Possibly the interests of the Navy are  again at stake. Watch the video above and judge for yourself. I think that even the Navy must ADMIT that Sonar is destroying Cetaceans each time they unleash their deadly sounds with little regard for our oceanic brethren.

1 thought on “Killer Whales Flee Deadly Naval Sonar

  1. I know that there was a take action rally in Fort Bragg, California to stop the Navy from Expanding their Northwest training complex on all of our coastlines (east and west coasts). rally in California on the 16th of December. Gosh I sure hope their joint efforts can stop the Navy from killing millions of cetaceans with their deadly radar. What can I do to help? Included is a link to the website I just visited in California.

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