Taiji’s Fisherman Dishonor Japan By Murdering Dolphins

It is hard to feel proud to be human after watching such terrible footage.  My heart cries out for the families of the dolphins killed in Taiji.   These very intelligent sonic creatures deserve so much more from man. These are creatures that travel the worlds oceans in complex family pods communicating for hundreds of miles. They are self aware much like humans. Why the Japanese cannot appreciate, and leave alone the dolphins in the wild is mind boggling.The Japanese fisherman of Taiji and all of their supporters  put great shame on Japan by continuing a barbaric and cruel practice.

Ask Prime Minister Naoto Kan  to stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji.today. Let him know we will boycott all things Japanese until they stop the senseless slaughter of the Taiji Dolphins. Let him know that eco-tourism is the answer not murder and captivity.


Just a minute of time can make a difference. One voice may not be listened to, but if many voices, continue to voice their opposition eventually the Japanese must give into the modern world and stop their barbaric practices of killing cetaceans, the gentle people of the sea.

By Kirsten Massebeau

Ed’s daughter

1 thought on “Taiji’s Fisherman Dishonor Japan By Murdering Dolphins

  1. I am speechless at the footage above! When will the Japanese fisherman of Taiji realize that yes they are shaming their country but being obstinate and not realizing that next to man the Dolphin is about the smartest.
    I am going to write Prime Minister Naoto Kan right away!

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