By Kirsten Johnson

The pilot whale is the most gentle and trusting of the Cetaceans and yet the Faeroe Islanders slaughter these gentle souls by the 100’s. Each summer pilot whale migrate past the Faroe Islands. The unlucky pods are spotted and then driven into shallow coves where the local people slaughter the whales. “Grindadráp” is the name used for this traditional killing. This is not commercial whaling, in fact they  are non-commercial and are organized on a community level; anyone can participate. The hunters first surround the pilot whales with a wide semicircle of boats. The boats then drive the pilot whales slowly into a bay or to the bottom of a fjord. Once the whales are stranded the men rush into the water, secure the whales by putting a large hook in their sensitive blow holes and then begin the killing.

Don’t the Faeroe Islanders realize this is 2011. Today the meat is known to be toxic, and unhealthy for the entire community. In addition,  cetaceans are very intelligent creatures, with complex social families and systems of communication.

We must urge the Faorese government that it is in their best interests to end the “grindadráp”.
Take Action:
Contact The Prime Minister of The Faroe Islands Office and the Faroes Board of Tourism. Urge them to stop killing pilot whales before it is too late. Remind them that the meat is tainted with mercury. Let them know that we you will boycott travel to the Faroe Islands. In addition, boycott all cold water seafood and products originating from the Faroes until they stop killing, and selling the flesh of cetaceans.
Minister Prime Kaj Leo Johannesen
p.o. box 64
FO-110 Torshavan
Teli-+ 298-306-000
The Faroe Islands Board of Tourism
Bryggjubakki 12
P.O box 118
Fo 110 Tórshavn
Tel +298 306100
Fax +298 306105
Please take the time to email, call, or even write a hand written letter. It will take more time as The Faroe Government does not have easy contact information. We know that is a way to silence our comments, so let’s take the extra time.

If you wish to write to the Danish Prime Minister’s Office, we suggest that you send an e-mail to the main e-mail address; Your mail will then be forwarded to the relevant area or employee.

You can also write to our postal address, which is:

The Prime Minister’s Office
Prins Jørgens Gård 11
1218 Copenhagen K

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  1. You´re right Magnus, instead, I will beat the shit out of any faroese trash living in New York and Massachussetts, to a bloody pulp, bc they´re not human either, so it´s all right.

  2. This is kind of retarded. The Danish government cant do anything about the whaling in the Faroe Islands, cause the Faroe Islands has their own government, own laws and also own language. Danish people love whales. So why not boycott Faroese products instead? The Faroe Islands wont care if you boycott Danish products, they dont even like Denmark and Danish people so they would just be happy to see someone boycott Danish products.

  3. You can rationalize and make excuses all day but the scientific truth is out there. Whether the backward people of the Faroe’s choose to accept the truth about the superior intelligence of cetaceans is not my problem. They are not cows, pigs, chickens or dogs. They are the people of sea. The meat looks like human flesh! I am writing a post this week directing people to boycott the Faroe Islands for travel until the you stop cetaceans. You are breaking the current laws and frankly the world sees you as backward monsters. Join us, get civilized. Evolve beyond you out of date traditions. It is 2011 you know.

    • Yes, the scientific truth is out there. If the cetaceans were superior, I believe scientists internationally would have accepted the species as something equally worth as humans, but scientists aren’t. Therefore I’m right, and you’re wrong.
      I mentioned pigs, chickens and cows, because I stated that those animals also can be learned tricks.
      Why boycot the Faroes? Then we’ll get dependent on the whales and will it the meat more than ever, so if I were you, I would buy Faroese products instead.
      We’re not breaking any international law. We’re actually cooperating with international whale organizations… And as said, people seem to believe the Sea Shepherd that we stab the whales to death… they don’t oppose the whaling because the whales have supernatural intelligence as you claim.

      • the cetaceans are superior, what they lack is thumbs to prove it….
        long live Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherds………!

      • I don’t really care if the Cetaceans are superior or not in Intelligence. The Yearly massacre of Cetaceans is just simply an abomination and serves only to demonstrate that whatever measure of intelligence Whales may or may not have, it’s obviously a lot higher than the collective intelligence of the Faroe Islanders. If the Islanders put a stop to the Grindarap, they can only benefit from increased tourism and international respect. Even a chicken probably has enough intelligence to understand that.

  4. I went out onto the web today and looked up grindadráp in hopes of finding anyone from Denmark that is against the whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands. Instead I mostly found the Danish from the Faroe Islands trying to defend the killing of 100’s of whales every year. My heart cries out for all the mothers and their dead calves that the Danish find so delectable. Once person likened this slaughter to that of cows or pigs. Don’t these people realize that Whales are quite intelligent. I will be boycotting all things Danish until this stops. Thanks for the story. I am going to subscribe to your blog right now!

    • Hi Caroline,
      Thanks for your reply and concern for the Pilot Whales driven into the fjord and slaughtered each summer. I too wonder why the people of Denmark think that bragging about eating the unborn calf of a poor mother that they slowly murdered is beyond me. For some reason the Danish just don’t seem to get it. The grindadráp is wrong and all of their excuses will never make up for all the footage of video the world has seen this last year. In the video above one of the men was mercilessly hooking this poor pilot whale as it thrashed hopelessly in the water. The Danish killers face is splashed with blood as the poor whale collapses underneath him. The tears welled in my eyes. I still can’t believe that humans have such a capacity for cruelty! I can only hope that in the coming years the Danish, Japanese, and Icelanders will come to their senses and stop slaughtering whales, dolphins and porpoises. There is strength in words hopefully someday the whale murders of the Faroe Islands will stop and listen to the voices of the world.

      • I know that pigs too are a very clever species so why are they killed? It’s just the same, Caroline, as killing pilot whales. The whales aren’t killed with hooks but are being dragged to lower-water so the man killing it has better circumstances to kill it.
        Firstly, the Faroese don’t kill the pilot whales to show off that they’ve become adults. The whales are killed for food.
        And to you both, because you semingly are very confused: don’t believe everything you read on the net. Don’t believe those subjective sites as the Sea Shepherd’s which clearly only has twisted facts. I can direct you to which is an objective site which explains how the killing really goes on.

        • I am so sorry for you Faroes, that you are s unable to see the pilot whale as something other than a meal. Pilot whales are in the dolphin family and are highly intelligent. It is proven that the pilot whale has intelligence equal to the bottle nose dolphin. The pilot whale is extremely social and family oriented. Mothers nurse their babies for up to two years, while parents mate for life. I don’t know if you are aware but at this point in time dolphins and all cetaceans are on the verge of being recognized as non-human persons. In May of 2010 a group of cetacean experts and scientists gathered from around the world in Helsinki, Finland. “In collaboration with Paola Cavalieri of the Great Ape Project, this weekend WDCS hosted a ground breaking meeting in Helsinki, Finland. Experts gathered to ask whether cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) should be considered as non-human persons.
          The Helsinki meeting brought together experts in philosophy, law and cetacean science, including Matti Hayry, Sudhir Chopra, Thomas White, Hal Whitehead, Lori Marino, Paola Cavalieri, Margi Prideaux, Niki Entrup and Chris Butler-Stroud, to debate the merits of recognizing that whales and dolphins have a right to life and what this will mean for their future protection.
          As discussed on this blog before, there are extraordinary recent scientific insights into the lives of these amazing animals, including their often complex social lives, their sense of self, capacity for empathy towards others and even their ability to transmit culture between generations.”(Margi Prideaux,May 24,2010, A Declaration of Rights For Cetaceans, Dolphins, and Whales,
          If only you could hear their song. For so long they have tried to communicate with man, and to live symbiotically with us. I only hope that in my lifetime I see the people of the sea free from fear of man and the terror he has perpetrated on these gentle and beautiful beings that most probably are as intelligent, and social as man.

          Sadly, the mercury in the meat is what will ultimately stop you from killing pilot whales. The Faroes have a terribly high level of retardation, and other illnesses as a result of eating the tainted flesh. Instead of slaughtering the gentle pilot whale I wish you could direct your efforts to supporting our oceans and living symbiotically with her creatures. It’s not to late to make a change.
          Kirsten, Ed, Caroline and the whole crew at Champions for Cetaceans.

      • As you say, scientists gathered from around the world to discuss the status of the bottlenose dolphin. The problem is that I’ve never heard of the results of the discussion nor have I ever heard of the discussion itself. This means that the thoughts of the bottlenose dolphin being recognized as a non-human had its great opposition. I believe that if you asked one of the scientists who opposed the thoughts of giving the bottlenose dolphin special rights, you would get different answers and a whole different proofs. I explained before about how important objectivity is when reading articles and how it’s important to be critical against the sources where the information comes from.
        I think that the conclusion of the conference was that the bottlenose dolphin should not be thought of as a non-human person, because you never mentioned the conclusion which mostly means that something bad happened regarding your opinion.

        “Sadly, the mercury in the meat is what will ultimately stop you from killing pilot whales. The Faroes have a terribly high level of retardation, and other illnesses as a result of eating the tainted flesh. ”

        It’s right that the Faroes have a relatively high occurence but none of that is caused by the “tainted” fish incidentally isn’t tainted. The occurences of the illnesses are due to the isolation in the Faroes. Since the Faroe Islands are located a bit far away from any other countries, the people here have of course been mating each other which explaines the lack of variation in the genes. This makes a relatively high percentage of retarded children because they are more likely to inherit recessive illnesses.
        The fish which swims around us is a bit polluted by chemicals but the concentration of the toxins are much below the allowed limit. The whale meat is much more polluted because the whales are located higher in the food chain than the fish and thus more toxins accumulate.
        The whale meat is more polluted than the allowed limit, accordingly, it’s not allowed to sell the meat because it’s missing approval. However, eating fish often is similar to eating whale rarely. We don’t decide when the whales swim close ashore. For istance in 2008 no whales swam close ashore. As the accumulation of toxins is not eternal, people are able to eat the meat if not eating too much of it. So the meat is not likely to stop us from eating the whale.

        • We at Champions for Cetaceans support all cetaceans as being sentient, complex beings. We view the eating of any cetaceans as flat out cannibalism. Activists have spent the last 48 hours fighting for a sensitive beautiful pod of whales murdered in Taiji on the 4th and 5th and 6th of May. The horror in the eyes of the poor pilot whales that watched their parents, family, and community led under the tarp where they were viciously murdered their spinal cords severed while they were alive and then dragged up the boat dock.
          We will continue to fight on every corner of this planet until the mayhem is ended. What is done to pilot whales and dolphins is their Auschwitz. If you are a participant I would think long and hard about the look in their eyes as the water turns red and their last whistle is hear. Your argument holds no truth here. Instead trying to find a way to eat the meat why don’t the Danes, The Japanese, The Icelanders, The Norwegians, start supporting our oceans. Look for ways to help save the cetaceans rather than exploiting them. Watch Out, the Sea Shepherds are coming!

      • So you’re opposing the killing of cetaceans but not the killing of other animals as for instance pigs and cows?
        Firstly, the whales are so paniced that they won’t recognize anyone of the family members being killed. Nextly, if the had seen their family members being killed, they wouldn’t care.
        Of course my argument holds water, because my statements, after all, are preceded by arguments, while your statements are based on feelings.
        We are exploiting animals for food. We need proteins and so on in order to survive, and we’ve killed animals for thousands of years.
        The Sea Shepherd has been her before without done any damage at all; just trying to get attention from the media. I believe it will be like that this summer too (if the people claiming to going to visit us can afford the ticket to the Faroes).

        • You are right I do speak from emotions, but not without a scientific base. Surely a linear person such as yourself will listen the scientists of “The American Cetacean Society”The pilot whale, like the killer whale, is a member of the dolphin family, and is second only to the killer whale in size. It does well in captivity, and is easily trained, displaying intelligence equal to that of the bottlenose dolphin. One captive pilot whale named Morgan was trained by Navy scientists to retrieve beeper-attached objects from the ocean floor at depths of over 1,600 feet. Carrying a clamping recovery device in his mouth, he attached it to the located object, which was then raised to the surface by compressed air balloons. The pilot whale is extremely social, and is well known for stranding in groups of a few animals to several hundred at a time. (The American Cetacean Society,
          The world sees you as monsters.

      • I can find examples too where they’ve trained dogs, chickens, cows and so on to do tricks.
        The majority of scientists don’t think of the bottlenose dolphin as a non-human person. If they did, the bottlenose dolphin would considered one due to the conference which you mentioned above.
        When people see group of pilot whales being killed at the beach and blood is flowing into the ocean, they automatically think that this must be something very evil. I know, by reading subjective articles, that many people think that we kill the whales to show our manhood and that we kill the whales with hooks, which does no correspond to the reality.

        • The reasons for this massacre have absolutely no importance. Whether as picturesque tradition, a rite of passage, food or, as is most likely the case a bit of fun for local thugs with murderous instincts, there is no excuse for such a sickening, revolting spectacle. Make no mistake, it earns the Faroe islanders the disgust of the International community. Justify it however you like. It’s barbaric.

    • i have boycotted a good 20 years those danish butter cookies you see at christmas time, if anyone brings them to my house i politely tell them why i cannot accept them & give them the option to return them to the store unopened.
      the faroe peoples are a disgusting sector of the species, they stand along the shores & cliffs & cheer as these poor creatures are butchered. appears not a one has any compassion for these beings…they are an odd lot for sure…
      i am beginning to wonder, we know of the heavy toxins the whales have been contaminated with, are we dealing with mentally challenged peoples in the faroe people……..
      recently i emailed a faroe tourist center, explaining because of what they do, i have canceled a tour thru my church because the travel agent refused to
      drop a stopover there from the list of sites we were to visit.
      in 1999 i emailed a faroe tourist agency regarding this issue, after a debate i did not welcome, the last word from them was, “it was better to kill one whale & feed many than to kill 100 chickens and feed a few….
      these people make me sick, if i can exist for the last 34 years on fish, ( fish eat their own young anyway ) legumes and other sources of non-meat proteins, so can they……

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