Whaling concerns: opposition to barbed dart tagging

Last night I attempt to contact the Whale Watchers Association located in Friday Harbor, Washington. Below you will find a copy of that letter. At this moment am waiting a response. Granted my sophistication is not up to speed so am not sure if they have recieved this letter. What we at champions for cetaceans would like is a more interactive cooperative effort when it comes to issues of concern, i.e. barbed dart tagging. We are presently in the process of identifying blogs of similar mind and persuasion wanting to develop a more cohesive group of organizations and individuals to respond in time of need. We are not a non-profit as many groups are and therefore not attempting to solicit funds which puts us outside some of the boxes. If you could help in this matter please let us know.

Recently I have become involved in marine mammal sustainability efforts and in particular naval sonar and whale tagging. In this effort noticed that your organization had submitted a letter opposing the use of barbed dart tags on Southern Resident Pod Orcas. Like your organization I also submitted my opposition. That letter can be found on the web site my daughter and I started in December (Champions for Cetaceans). Last week discovered that a similar research project was being requested for Gulf of Alaska and adjacent waters. Again this request file 5616 is to tag whales including the Transient Killer Whale Pod that moves through a broad range from California to the Bering Sea as you know. I am alarmed that no group seemed to be involved in any press releases or outcry concerning the implications of barbed dart tagging on a large cross section of whales. I live in Oregon, Cannon Beach to be exact, and strongly opposed proposed tagging of Southern Resident Pod Orcas.in Puget Sound (Salish Sea). This new file was posted by NOAA on Jan. 5 with a comment period ending Feb. 4, 2011. What I am asking for is help in defining a better network so this type of thing does not slip by without broader input from those who care.

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