Sea Shepherd End Japanese Reign of Terror in Southern Ocean

By Kirsten Massebeau

Thanks to the Sea Shepherds the Whales of the Southern Ocean are Safe

When the Sea Shepherd was aired in 2008 my husband an I were immediately glued to the screen. Within minutes we were cheering for the Sea Shepherds as they chased the Japanese whaling fleet through the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. In another episode we cried for the whales as the Japanese coldly shot harpoons into whales. The worst part was watching the whales die so painfully and slowly at the hands of the Japanese whaling fleet. Little did know, that only three short years later the Sea Shepherds would chase the Japanese whalers from the Southern Ocean. “Whale Wars” has opened our eyes to the horrors of whaling.  They have also opened the worlds eyes to the fact that the dishonorable Japanese whaling fleet will continue their bloody rampage of death until the world stops them. That is what the Sea Shepherd did, THEY STOPPED THE JAPANESE WHALING FLEET!! Yes, with three ships and a passionate crew from around the world the Sea Shepherds literally chased the Japanese out of the Southern Ocean.

Once driven into the cove the dolphins will be brutally murdered with axes, hooks, and clubs

On the heels of “The Sea Shepherd” was the 2009 release of “The Cove”. Ric O’barry revealed the horrors inflicted on the dolphin in Taiji Japan. “The Cove”, revealed how  dishonorable, cold, and heartless  the Taiji Fisherman are. Each year with a cold precision they brutally murder, and capture  1000’s of defenseless dolphins after they have force them into the cove by beating on steal pipes that confuse their sonar.   His documentary showed the world what monsters the fisherman and exploiters of dolphins in Japan are. We are coming for you next Taiji Fisherman!

A mother and her unborn baby heartlessly murdered. In death they lie side by side.

On July 19, 2010 Sea Shepherds undercover activist Peter Hammarstedt was able to witness the brutal genocide of 236 pilot whales on the Faroe Islands by the 4000 Danish people who travel to the killing event. Now, thanks to his undercover work reporting the world is aware of what monsters the Danish are. That they can so heartlessly murder the gentle pilot whales that have tried so desperately to befriend man is so sad and uncivilized. What kind of monsters are these people?

When you see 10o’s of pilot whales and their babies thrashing in the Faroe Island slaughter conducted you can’t wonder if these people are human. Families wade through a see of blood as men heartlessly hook the pilot whales, hack at their heads, and then remove their spines while still alive. Each time I look for photos I find Danish commentary discussing the beauty of the blood, and the grind. The horror inflicted on the pilot whales, has been revealed to the world. People of the world will never feel the same about the Danish people.

Sadly with all that the Cetaceans of our oceans must endure the U.S. Navy is in the midst of expanding their Northwest training complex along our coastlines. NOAA has given them the OK to take, 11.7 million marine mammals off our coastlines in the next five years. Their sonar literally explodes a whale or dolphins brain at the worst. At the best they become disoriented unable to navigate ending up stranded, or in a net.

But today is a day for celebration. A victory for the whales. Thanks to the Sea Shepherds our ocean Samuri we have a victory! Because of their active efforts to stop the Japanese the whales can have a day in the Southern Ocean free from the dishonorable Japanese whalers. Hopefully this will be the real end of whaling in the Southern Ocean so the Sea Shepherds can move onto other campaigns.

Make this pledge with me now, “I make this commitment to the whales, dolphins and porpoises on planet earth to support efforts to end whaling, Naval sonar, driftnets, and cetaceans being used as display animals. I will take action whenever possible to protect and save  Cetaceans, and all marine mammals on this planet in anyway I can.”

The Sea Shepherds have proved that through direct action we can save the whales, dolphins and porpoises in our oceans. Tonight let us rejoice for the whales of the Southern Ocean. Now is a time for celebration, because today the whales of the Southern Ocean can live without fear.

3 thoughts on “Sea Shepherd End Japanese Reign of Terror in Southern Ocean

  1. Gosh what a great post Kirsten. It sounds like you really poured your heart into it. I am so happy the Sea Shepherds were able to stop the Japanese Whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean. If only we can get the Japanese to see the light about other marine mammals, or rather all marine mammals. Whales,dolphins and the Dall Porpoises are very intelligent mammals just as humans are. If only the Danish Faroe Island population, and Japanese and all whalers could get the message that the world says no more. No more excuses about tradition. Come on gang get civilized it’s 2011.

  2. I too am a big Sea Shepherd fan. I hate to admit to it but being a bachelor Friday nights sometimes end up in front of the TV. It was watching the Sea Shepherd that really got me involved. Once I discovered their web site I realized how much they do. They fought the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean, now have the Cove Guardians in Taiji, and they sent Peter Hammarstedt undercover to the Faroe Islands to report on the yearly slaughter of pilot whales. I couldn’t believe it when I saw women and children killing side by side with the men. Well, anyway, hurrah for the whales of the Southern Ocean and the Sea Shepherds. We send you a shout out from Oakland California!

  3. The Sea Shepard victory in The Southern Ocean is a victory and beginning. I am hoping that in my lifetime I see the Sea Shepherd and others like them put and end to the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter, in Taiji Japan, and the grindadrap on the Faroe Islands. You are right Kirsten the Dutch are terrible brags. It saddens me that a people I had admired so much have turned out to be not very nice.

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