Taiji Dolphin Massacre 2011 Continues

By Kirsten Massebeau
I visited the Sea Shepherd website for update on the dolphin, whale slaughter in Taiji. The Cove Guardians are so brave. Each day they have had to watch hundreds of dolphins murdered, and multiple captures for display. Babies watch as their mothers and fathers are hacked to death. They are then taken for captive display where they are drugged, electrocuted and beaten by their trainers. My heart cries out for the dolphin pods that are hacked to death by the dishonorable Taiji Fisherman. When will the Naoto Kan stop the senseless killing. At one time man didn’t realize how intelligent and gentle whales, dolphins, and porpoises are. Not to mention they are sonic beings that need to be in open waters to communicate and thrive. Tell Naoto Kan to bring honor back to Japan

by ending massacre of Dolphins in Taiji. Show the world Japan is not a backward country but evolved and civilized. Follow the link below and leave your message for Prime Minister Naoto Kan. Each message sent must be logged by Japanese government and an answer sent out so every comment counts!


Taiji Dolphin Drive

I was moved to write this short piece after reading the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians blog. They are so strong to be able to watch what is occurring in Taiji right now as I write this on February 20, 2011. I can’t imagine going to sleep knowing that in the morning you might have to watch 100’s of dolphins, their babies, and children brutally murdered by the cold-hearted Japanese Fisherman of Taiji. Please read their blog and support them anyway you can.


2 thoughts on “Taiji Dolphin Massacre 2011 Continues

  1. The Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan surely can see that the world is crying out for the dishonorable fisherman of Taiji to stop slaughtering dolphins. I really prefer the word murder, and prison for what they do with Dolphins. In many ways are we better? What about Sea World? Cetaceans are sonic beings. When you put them into a cement tank you are sentencing them to a life of silence. Please follow the link in the post and tell Naoto Kan end the murdering of innocent dolphins in Taiji Japan.

  2. I don’t understand why the Japanese people don’t put a stop to the annual massacre o Dolphins in Taiji. It seems that the Japanese are so advanced and yet the Taiji Fisherman must be very backward not realize how intelligent dolphins are. It seems that Prime Minister Naoto Kan could see how much revenue Japan could bring in if they turned to green tourism in Taiji. I am certain that whale watchers and dolphin lovers would come from all over the world to appreciate the wild life their island brings. How sad for the dishonorable people of Taiji. Every dolphin they kill and capture is just another tourist who will not visit Japan. Visiting Japan had been a lifelong dream that ended with the knowledge of Taiji

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