Blog: Dolphin Kill Ends Early in Taiji? |

By Kirsten Johnson
Apparently the Dolphin kill capture has ended early. Still we must remember all those that died or were captured 2010-2011. Hopefully this means that their is a better future for the bottle nose dolphin of Taiji.

Above are the dishonorable fisherman of Taiji bringing in a boat load of murdered dolphins.dolphin show III</
Their children maybe kept aside (after watching their parents brutally massacred) for use in one of the many dolphinariums or sold to the many world collectors.
Ric O'Barry Saves Dolphins
Ric O’Barry in a grocery store in Japan displaying Dolphin meat in the grocery store.

Ric O'Barry has just arrived in Japan and is in Taiji. Read the blog entry below to hear about his experiences, and insights while in Japan.

Blog: Dolphin Kill Ends Early in Taiji? |

1 thought on “Blog: Dolphin Kill Ends Early in Taiji? |

  1. Wow the Japanese Taiji Fisherman have ended their slaughter for 2011 a little early. How does that make up for all of the dolphins brutally killed, and the dolphins captured many of who have died in swimming pools around the world. When will the Japanese get clue that it is time to stop the killing and capturing of the intelligent, and gentle dolphin. It is time to be friend not foe.

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