Captivity of Orca’s, SeaWorld requests closed hearing

Seaworld Trainer - Dawn Brancheau

You can read it for yourself by reading the above article, Keto-Tilikum Express Stress of Orca Captivity, which has been recently published. Two highly respected and educated authorities have submitted this report, funded by the Orca Project. Reading that Ken Balcomb, Howard Garret, and Ralph Munro are associated with that project lends further credibility to this entire effort.

Time is fast approaching when the public will cause an end to this practice of “slavery,” on marine mammals starting with Killer Whales. What is needed is an Emancipation Proclamation, for all captive Whales. Martin Luther King spent his life attempting to break bad practices as Afro-Americans reached for equal rights under the law.

What is wrong is the slave like conditions which contribute to deplorable Ocra health, welfare and social-cultural risks. I have spent the time to read this entire document and encourage all believes to do so as well. If you have read this blog, and the search numbers are reasonable, will get to the many issues that are addressed in this report.

We all need to get busy and email our objections to the closing the hearing to the public on SeaWorld violations which resulted in the death of trainer, Dawn Brancheau.

What You Can D0, you can visit the United States Department of Labor on FaceBook and tell them what you think. You can also visit Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis’ FaceBook page. Secretary Solis is at the top of OSHA’s chain of command. Ask the Honorable Secretary and the Department of Labor to use whatever means necessary to ensure the public has access to the details of this case.
Call or Write:

Most Honorable Secretary of Labor

Hilda L. Solis

U.S. Department of Labor

200 Constitution Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20210

(202) 693-6000

Re: OSHA vs. SeaWorld Order

I respectfully request that you use whatever means within your power to allow the public to hear the details of the investigation into the tragic death of killer whale trainer Dawn Brancheau at SeaWorld of Florida on 24 February 2010.

It is anticipated that Judge Ken S. Welsch will be asked to sign a Protective Order for the hearing scheduled to begin 25 April 2011 in Orlando, FL effectively sealing all content and expert witness testimony, as well as descriptions of the suboptimal conditions associated with orca captivity. If successful, witnesses will be forever barred from discussing or writing anything about the case publicly, preventing any and all content from being used for future litigation or investigation, akin to the crippling of trainer John Sillick in 1987.

The family of the victim should be vindicated and the public has the right to know, as details of this case have a direct effect on the future of workplace safety at marine mammal parks.

Respectfully submitted,

1 thought on “Captivity of Orca’s, SeaWorld requests closed hearing

  1. Orcas do not belong in aquariums, or amusement parks. Orcas are highly intelligent, and huge creatures. I hope that you can reach as many people as possible with this message so that whale, dolphin and porpoise lovers can lend their voice to stopping SeaWorld from using Orcas. I think the Orca will be the first step because of the danger and then the poor dolphin. I hope anyone reading this post makes an effort to follow the above links to tell Hilda Solis. Let us stand with OSHA and put an end to this cruelty. Maybe this will help Lolita the Orca at Seaquarium as well.

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