Our Hearts Go Out to Japanese Earthquake Survivors

By Edward Johnson

Today and for the past few days since the horrific events in Japan, as with you my heart has ached. Maybe it is the knowledge that those tragic images foretell what we here on the Oregon Coast will certainly experience once, it’s all about timing. We here at Champions have taken strong positions with certain polices advocated and allowed by the Japanese Government and its people. This is not a time to place any additional blame on any action they have taken, but a time for healing on the parts of all.
Recently, I Ed(more affectionately know as Natural) have joined FaceBook, an act that previously had held my disdain, but no longer. Honestly that act initially was for the purpose of promoting Champions for Cetaceans. What occurred was totally unexpected but totally rewarding, for that I thank the many who have joined me as a friend. In that regard, at this early hour, would like to pay special tribute to two of those contacts, Sally Frandsen and Neil Priddy both former students, Sally for the first thumbs up for Champions and Neil for his overly kind expression of gratitude.
I hope you find the opening of this blog with the sounds of these Puget Sound Orca’s to be inspiring as well as healing. We are walking together hand in hand side by side, whether the water be deep or shallow and especially with the people of Japan.
Special thanks to the Orca Project and one of their founders Ralph Munroe, one of my sisters best high school friends.

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