Brutal Canadian Seal Hunt 2011 Harp Seal, Grey Seal Kill Quota Increased

By Kirsten Massebeau

It is hard to imagine that just a week from now if not sooner seal pups like the baby pictured on the left will be literally hacked, beaten, and then skinned alive. It makes me wonder about the word human, and humane. Is man even capable of caring for the beautiful things of the earth without wanting to consume or destroy them? Was man ever able to appreciate beauty like that of harp and gray seals without wanting to wear their skin? This year 300,00 harp seal babies and 60,000 gray seals will be brutally skinned alive. The sale of seal products is banned in most places. Thanks to China though the seal molesters will still have a market. It is amazing that year after year the world sits by while Canada does the unthinkable. My first question is always what can I do? My intention with today’s post was t0 list several ways your voice can be heard.  Follow the link below and contact  the Prime Minister of Canada  Stephen Harper and ask him to the brutal slaughter of these babies and their mothers. Tell him that you will boycott all Canadian cold water seafood until the seal hunt ends. Follow the link below and tell the Red Lobster to stop buying Canadian Seafood until the Seal Hunt is ended!

Canadian Seal Hunt The Odette Leblanc Collection: They say the following about their products: “Composed of a complete line of very unique seal fur products.. Ranging from small accessories to full length coats, you will surely find the ideally suited item you’ve been looking for or even been dreaming about owning!” Odette Leblanc 022 chemin de l’école Rd. Pointe-aux-Loups, Îles de la madeleine PQ G4T 8B1 Tel: 418-969-9385 E-mail: Use form at Petit Nord: They sell childrens seal fur hats, boots, mittens. E-mail: Use form at Main office: Toppevadvej 7, Søsum DK-3670 Veksø Sj. Denmark Phone: +45 44852050 Fax:     +45 44852051 web: Pajar: Makes/sells sealskin boots. Pajar 4509 Coloniale Avenue Montreal, Quebec, Canada. H2T 1V8 Tel.: 514-844-3067 Toll free: 1-888-667-2527 Fax: 514-844-3066 E-mail: Don’t they deserve our help? IMG_3941-aw

15 thoughts on “Brutal Canadian Seal Hunt 2011 Harp Seal, Grey Seal Kill Quota Increased

  1. Seals are a nuisance, they over reproduce and eat all the fish. Either some of them are hunted or they all die from starvation.

    • How very wrong you are Roger. Seals help in keeping the ocean “healthy”. Sadly it is the humans who are the real pest taking food meant for ocean dwellers: seals, whales, dolphins and all the ocean life that eat fish.

  2. Kirsten Massebeau: As of 3/2012 will the seal slaughter continue in Canada?? These animals that we call humans are heartless cowards.It makes you wonder these SEAL KILLERS how they are at home with thier wives, girlfriends kids etc.I don’t think to much of the women who are involved with these guys.How are they able to sleep at night knowing the pain and suffering they caused on these innocent defenseless creatures.It’s just beyond my compreshion.It’s pretty scary when you think about it.You and I exchange comments on the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan.It just never ends Kirsten with these poor defenseless animals into the evil hands of man.Together we can all make a difference. We must never give up on these beautiful creatures SEALS AND DOLPHINS/WHALES. Paul Watson once said: When good people do nothing bad people prosper. I totally agree 100 PERCENT!!!

    • Thank you so much, this is Ed the other half of CfC and I’d say the lesser as Kirsten is such a dynamic writer with the kind of passion that really pulls the facts and emotions all together. In fact during her effort to define what is happening with the various world whale slaughters, our readership at least in our small sphere is going off the charts. We are finding that lots of readers don’t seem to equate with a lot of comments, your comments therefore mean a huge amount, thanks again to you nutralab.

  3. Thanks for your comment Emily, it means a great deal to meet someone who cares passionately cares about putting an end to the Canadian Seal Hunt. It brings tears to my eyes to think of the baby harp seals just beginning their lives right now, only to be brutally murdered by the cruel and heartless Canadian seal hunters high on meth and alcohol. If you send me a list of the fashion houses that use seal fur I would love to do a blog entry on them. And as for Red Lobster I definitely want to do a boycott petition. You can email me at or on Facebook as Kirsten Massebeau. I would like to feature you and your petition gathering. You are a Champion Emily. I only hope that I can get some traffic on the blog site and spread the word. We have power in words and power in numbers. Even Red Lobster must listen someday. My heart cries for all the harp and grey seals that will die in 2011 for the fashion whores of the world.
    Thanks again for your comment!

  4. There is a huge outcry in the world against this atrocity ! Anyone who believes the seals are killed humanely is in a huge denial of this monstrous act towards these poor defenseless sentient creatures and refuses to accept the reality that baby seals suffer unspeakably when they are killed for the sake of vanity, Fur belongs on seals’ backs, not on ours ! ! ! LOOKS A MILLION TIMES BETTER ON THEM ALSO ! ! ! I did an anti-seal hunt demo alone yesterday for 2 hours on a busy intersection and educated countless people about what Canada still does !Lots didn’t sign my petition, however LOTS DID SIGN, and LOTS are disgusted by this senseless slaughter ! Thanks for your website, I have been contacting the fashion houses who still use fur and last year(2010) I did get a reply from Red Lobster, who stated they don’t want to hurt the families that benefit from Cdn fishing,therefore didn’t agree with the boycott, sadly !

    • it is not for vanity, but quite the opposite. its for warmth. if you were freezing to death and someone offered you a sealskin jacket and boots, im sure you would change your views. i personally would rather wear what nature has givin me than some garbage produced in a factory by little children.

  5. I am shocked to see the Canadian Government has raised the seal kill quota to 300,00 baby harp seals. I agree with Bill the Canadian Seal hunters aren’t men they are monsters. I will gladly boycott all Canadian cold water seafood, and yes that includes the Red Lobster. I followed 2 of the links below. Can you believe one is a clothing line made of seal skin for children. Who would dress their child in pure pain! How sad is that?

  6. I too have been keeping track of the Canadian Seal Hunt 2011. I was surprised when they raised the quota of harp seals to be slaughtered to 300,00, and the gray seal quota to 60,000. The footage on You tube of the Hay Island massacre is horrific. To see those poor seals trying to protect their babes and then just getting hacked to death. The Canadian Seal hunters aren’t men, they are monsters.

    • i agree with you, it’s so mean what man does to the seals. they shouldn’t be called man they should be called monsters. wanna start a campaign together/ about not killing harp seals and other seals, then we can get as many people as we can invovled. 🙂

    • the annual harp seal hunt is a humane and strictly monitored hunt! A lot has changed since the photos above were taken. The seals have to be shot with a rifle first and then as a cautionary measure, there craniums have to be crushed to make sure they are dead. There is not now nor was there ever seals being skined alive! It doesn’t even make sense to think it wold be done this way, it would be far to hard and dangerous work. The “baby” seals that are often referred to are only a couple of weeks from leaving their mothers. they are not the warm nurturing furry little creatures that they are made out be, they are vicious dirty animals. they carry dieases which could cripple and kill if not treated. The seal hunt has been taking place on this coast since humans figured out how to use tools to make weapons. to stop this hunt completely now, would be devastating to the delicate marine ecosystem. We can see this happening already, in recent years when the hunt wasn’t ecnomically viable, the harp seal population has blown up, the cod stocks have declined, and the polar bear migration has changed. the bears now are coming younger and the number of bears making the dangerous migration has grown ten fold. Seals have evolved to breed aronud the hunt, to take the hunt factor out of this delicate equation, would be diasterous. I come from a long line of fisheman, my people have fought to settle this land and harvest the shores for generations. the seal migration has saved many lives and we have always been depndant on the seals. i am an enviromentalist and so was my grandfather. he thought me to take what is needed and all the while perserving the population for future generations to benefit from. to say that our men are monsters, just proves to me how uneducated you really are. these brave men risk life and limb on the trecherous ice flows to fed and clothe there familys. if thats a monster than so be it, were monsters. so i’ll wear my moccasins, and i will dress my chidren in the skins of the animals my husband brings home. i wear the boots my grandfather made fifteen years ago. i could have had fifteen pairs of plastic and polyester boots made by a five year old chinese kid. but i choose not destroy our world…but conserve it instead. if you’re going fight for a cause, know your facts, and pick one worth your time and energy. i look foward to getting your feedback. thank you. Ashley Rice, Goose Cove, Newfoundland.

      • Ashley only last week the Humane Society released more heart breaking video of the cruel Canadian cull of seals whose habitat is melting beneath them The quota 400,00 baby seals. Instead of hard pack ice HS has video of hunters going to the tiny floating ice islands and hooking the babies, sometimes through the eyes. I am sorry but true environmentalists do not support the savage cull of seals, whales or sharks that the ocean depends upon for health. They are part of a delicate ocean balance that you are destroying. Please get with the present. Get off your addiction to fur and skins. Your grandfather probably had to do a lot of things as did mine to survive that are no longer necessary today. You may oppose rain boots but not all are made in China by small children. It is time to evolve beyond such a barbaric and cruel slaughter of babies! Please get educated about the truth. Soon the seals will be gone, algae and other foods low on the food chain that depend on their poop will die, and then the fish.
        No Seals No Ocean No People. Please follow the links to learn the truth. Don’t be a victim of propaganda. The seal hunt is cruel and wrong!!
        2 more links that are very informative. Remember your tradition is only as long as your life on this planet. FYI Ashley there are few things as beautiful as a baby Harp seal wearing it’s own skin, alive at his or her mothers side.

      • You talk like the harp seal is an endangered species, but the seals are thriving, doing better than they’ve done in years. With a population in canada of 8 million animals strong, russia’s herd at 1.3 million and greenland’s at 650,000. The quota canada has set for 2012 is 400,000 animals. The herd is better than capable to recover from this years hunt. Also the ice conditions are really good this year, better than it has been in the last five years. I’m not going to try and debate that our arctic isn’t dissapearing, it is, but the ice this years is a paradise for seals. According to national geographic, the has only decreased 6% since 1970. If the harp seal, as a species, were in trouble, I would be the first one to stand up and shut down the harvest. As I stated in the above comment, I was rasied to respect the land, ocean and every living creature on and in it. Living on an island in the north east atlantic, you learn to respect your surrondings, because here, nature can keep or it can kill you. I know as well that not “all” plastic boots are made by little children in china. I guess i’m guilty of exaggeration for dramatic effect, but I suppose were all a little guilty of that. I also know that it is not necessary for my generation to do the things that past generations had to do for survival. I carry on the traditions and way of life, because i belive it is a better way of life for mother nature as well as us. Global warming is due in large effect to big factories and large scale cattle farms. It’s not natures way and she is not happy about it. This is why I would rather feed my children seal meat that their father harvested than feed them a beef steak from a nasty slaughter house 2000 miles away chock full of dyes and perservatives. This is also the reason why I would rather dress them in clothes made from the same animal we ate for supper, than dress them in ployester produced in a coal burning factory in china.So you see, I am not the one caught up in the propaganda. This is the lives of my people. My whole life I watched the men in my family leave for the ice, never knowing if I would ever see them again. and tomorrow when it stops snowing, I will stand and watch the love of my life and father of my two babies leave with his his father, and we’ll sit and watch the water and wait, hoping all the while that the little boat will come into veiw. watching, waiting, hoping that my man will come with a meat for the pot and pelt for to leather. I wonder if you know what propaganda means? you use it so loosely. The very essence of the word are the lies, slander and misinformation you are spreading through your staged photos. All so big anti-cruelty organizations can prey on the hearts,and wallets of good and caring people like yourself. Open your eyes and your mind, it is you my dear who has been taken in by the propaganda of these siad organizations. I have no use for propaganda, I only have use for the TRUTH!!!!

    • Some shocking, people should not thin the herd! They should let the numbers grow I wonder
      what would happen if the food chain could not supply enough food for these poor sensitive creatures.Would they starve? Perhaps we could produce enough food to feed 9 million seals,I’m sure there would be enough people to volunteer time and money to complete a lifelong venture like this. Oh,Oh, how do we get this food to those beautiful creatures? Any suggestions??

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