3 Week Old Harp Seal Pups Prepare to Die For the Beijing Catwalk

By Kirsten Johnson


This week the Canadian Seal Hunt is to resume this week. The brutal Canadian Hunters saturated with alcohol, and high on meth are heading to, or have arrived in New Foundland and the northern tip of Labrador where they plan to club, hack, and skin alive 300,00 baby seals. The market for seal products has been shrinking almost virtually wiping out the seal hunt but at the last-minute China stepped in to purchase all future, “harvests” of seal, meat, oil, and pelts.

BEIJING–The fur didn’t fly here Tuesday.

Instead, it strode down a Beijing catwalk without interruption.The Canadian seal and fur industry brought its fashion designs to a premier Beijing fashion show yesterday, winning warm applause.Had this been Europe there might have been cans of red paint hurled, incendiary banners held aloft, and outraged protest.

But this is China.

Here, where protests are banned and fur is popular, the show was a success – part of a larger strategy by the Harper government to work hand-in-hand with the Canadian seal industry to rebuild its challenged markets”(Bill Schiller, “China Gives Canada its Approval of Seal”, The Star, January 13, 2010, March 25, 2010, http://www.thestar.com/news/world/china/article/749988–china-gives-canada-its-approval-of-seal).
Canadian Seal Hunt

To see the models walk the catwalk in the skins of dead seals and their babes right after watching the video done by the Humane Society at Hay island 2011 grey seal slaughter made me so angry! The tears burned in my eyes as I looked at the models, and the uber rich watching the dead skins of babes strut down the catwalk. I imagined their eyes red with the greed and gluttony with which they live their lives. They are the rich elite. They believe themselves above any ethics, and without an ounce of humanity. I realized at that moment that sending Stephen Harper messages was a waste of time. He is the elite, he will stop at nothing to fill his pockets with the tears, and blood of baby seals. Their blood is on his hands and yes karma is heading his way and quickly.
To watch a grown man club a small grey seal in front of her mother will change your life. The hunter posed for the video, with the helpless seal between his legs, he raised the club and smiled for the camera as he brought the club down on the grey seal pups head. That humans are capable of such sadistic cruelty makes me cry for the human race. What are we our species,  that we do such terrible, dark, things to other living beings,to murder a babe, helpless at a grown mans feet.

This Video Contains Graphic Material

I had sent several messages to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to politely to stop killing seals before I realized what a waste of time that is. We must take action! Money talks, this is all they know.
Look on packages, don’t buy frozen seafood unless you know place of origin. Follow the link below and LET RED LOBSTER KNOW YOU WON’T COME BACK UNTIL THEY STOP PURCHASING CANADIAN COLD WATER SEAFOOD. When the American dollar stops lining their pockets maybe they will think twice about their sadistic, and cruel seal hunt.


10 thoughts on “3 Week Old Harp Seal Pups Prepare to Die For the Beijing Catwalk

    • Marine mammal and ocean advocates will continue to oppose the cruel and environmentally unsustainable seal hunt. Today selling seal products is banned in most places so between advocates for seals and global warming I don’t think you will be continuing to exploit and harm seals for to many more years. I suggest college and retraining. I did it at 43 myself. Get a different job and end the cruel sea hunt that has no place in a modern world.

  1. we need to start a hunt on the spiritually corrupt. They’re easy to find. They’re everywhere in government buildings. Here’s a clue – they wear polyester monday thru friday – 9 to 5!

    Also, educating our children about ethics and sensitivity would be a good idea. But wait, silly me, there’s no money for education and training for “right living” because we’re buying bombs and bullets to kill people overseas – for democracy of course. I feel safer now 😦

    What! $3.00 for a coffee at $tarbucks? I can’t understand coffee pickers overseas wanting a raise to $6.00 an hour. Disgraceful!!

    Keep up the good work Ed. Thank you.

    • You hit all the points Michael. The Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper is a huge supporter of the seal hunt. He is also the extreme right politically. But the truth of the matter is, whether you are talking about seals or trees corporate entities see mother earth as one big resource that is here for them to use up. Little do they realize how they are throwing this planet out of balance and what catastrophic effects that will have for all living things.

  2. Good job on your post Kirsten! I know how important it is to you and all of us that the Canadians stop killing grey and harp seals. I will say a prayer that 2011 will see an end to this terrible slaughter of seal pups.

    • Rose, Thank-you so much for submitting a comment. I am so glad you won’t be voting for Harper. I was sad and discouraged to find out that Harper is such a staunch supporter of the seal hunt. When I saw that your green party and liberal party had gained popularity it made me hopeful for the seals that are struggling to live in this time of global warming might have a chance. Don’t be ashamed for being Canadian Rose. You are proof that their are good Canadians out there, just as I am proof their are some Americans that care about environment, wildlife, and not making war! If you have any topics you would like address concerning marine mammals let me know.
      Kirsten Johnson

  3. I know that I won’t vote Harper. This has to stop. He is just spending Taxpayers’money for something that is wrong. Spend the money on some resources which can help them all year long. I appalled at this act of cruelty. I am sometimes ashamed being a Canadian

  4. I believe they start hunting again tomorrow in Nova Scotia. Apparently, the conservative party headed by Stephen Harper has give the Seal Hunters a huge number of seals they can kill this year. The quota for harp seals is 300,00, and the quota for grey seals is 60,000. Wow, that number blows my mind. Is it true, what you said about the hunters being high on meth and drunk on alcohol? What an ugly picture that creates.

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