12 Days of Earth Day Cannon Beach, OR.

Puffin Macro from Oregon Coast Aquarium
On the first day of Earth Day

We at Champions for Cetaceans are pleased to be a part of this event, specifically as participants in the parade on Saturaday April 23, which starts at 11:00  followed by the street fair. We will be using our banner for the first time and it will then be stretched across our booth at the street fair as well. We realize that many of you read our blog from points all over the world therefore your attendance will most likely be impossible.  However it is our goal to be a front line organization reaching out to the masses for support as we try to inform and educate the public of our passionate desire to preserve all ocean species, and in particular marine mammals.
This months National Geographic Travel, edition listed this event, along with The Wedding, as a thing to do during the month of April. Today is the first day of the event, which is the welcoming of the Tufted Puffins back to Haystack Rock for the breeding season. These birds are easily visible and represent the largest Oregon colony and present a wonderful opportunity for observation. The program that promotes the protections and education of the public is a model of how public and private entities can work together. The City of Cannon Beach and the private Friends of Haystack Rock are that model, and last year celebrated 25 years of operation.
The next 11 days bring a potpourri of events and actives which will test the taste buds of all participants be they young or old. It will be interesting to see what type of media coverage this will generate, you might help search your favorite browser and let us know what you find. Friday, April 15, Barb Knop and myself will be on our local Public Broadcasting Radio Station KMUN at 9:30 am. to talk about the event.
Champions for Cetaceans would like to thank the ever growing number of visitors to our blog it is an extreme pleasure to serve you and hope we continue this symbiotic  relationship, without your support we perish.

1 thought on “12 Days of Earth Day Cannon Beach, OR.

  1. What a great post Ed, thanks so much. I am thrilled about Earth Day in Cannon Beach. I can’t believe today is the first day! I look forward to seeing you in the Cannon Beach Earth Day parade and hopefully at your booth Champions for Cetaceans.

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