Action Alert!!!! Japanese Begin Whaling Post Tsunami 2011


A Family Massacred At Sea By the Japanese Whalers
This morning I awakened to the new that the Japanese have begun whaling again. The Dall’s porpoises and minke whales are probably dying this moment as I type. This is a quick way to take action post. We need to tell the Prime Minister of Japan that the killing of cetaceans is illegal and must stop. It is time to let go of the old traditions that we know today are wrong.

Follow this Link and send a message to Naoto Kan. Tell him we want to support Japan, but they need to stop whaling it is illegal and wrong.

Sea Shepherd’s, “News Today” page featured a post,”No Welfare for Whaler’s This Year”. In it they address the fact that Japan has undergone a huge disaster. I think the Sea Shepherd’s sum how the world should respond to dishonorable whalers, who are now killing whales.

“There have been a few critics who have been advising us to lay off Japan because of the recent disasters. The point is that Sea Shepherd interventions are not targeting the Japanese people. We are addressing unlawful activities – whale poachers in an area far from Japan, the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, where whales are supposedly protected by law.

Would the war against drug trafficking be put on hold if Colombia has an earthquake? Would we stop opposing shark finning by Chinese longliners off Latin America if China suffers an earthquake? The answer is “no.” Natural disasters cannot be used as a justification for illegal activity including the violations of international conservation law.”(April 26, 2011



7 thoughts on “Action Alert!!!! Japanese Begin Whaling Post Tsunami 2011

  1. Glad they are back to whaling and wish the US would have left 3 kamikazi planes for the steve”sting ray” irwin, the bob barker, and the gojira”oops adi gail 2″. I want a whale steak medium rare. God bless the Japanese and grant them relief from the devastation of the tsunami.
    Mike- US
    sea shephards are failures….each and every one….go larp in a park somewhere

    • Mike I am sorry you are so angry and so negative. To be a part of saving whales and dolphins is a movement like no other. People from all walks of life with different interests have joined this important cause, saving whales and dolphins. We the activists feel the deepest empathy for the Japanese people and all the living things of Japan and Japan oceans that have been effected by the tsunami and the Fukushima power plant collapse. Many of us have sent support to the Japanese people and that includes the Sea Shepherds and their supporters. But we cannot stand by while the people of the sea are murdered in cold blood. We, the dolphin, whale, ocean, activists grow in numbers everyday, and won’t stop fighting for what we know is right, saving the people of the sea. Please come join us save our oceans and her inhabitants.

  2. Poor Minke Whales swim right up to boats, curious and friendly. Japs, who are as primitive and savage today as in past wars, simply reach over and slaughter them. Savages.

    • The minke is shy and graceful in most cases. I find it hard to take that the IWC classifies them like cows, calling their pods, stocks and their children, calves. I will never use that terminology because I find it distasteful, supporting outdated terminology. The minke is a sentient being and should really be treated like a non-human person, not a piece of meat.

  3. The Japanese have gone back to killing whales post tsunami. They made a commitment to stop killing whales and yet here we are again. Well, I followed the link and asked Prime Minister Nato Kan to cease whaling operations. I am hoping we can make some impact before they start killing dolphins in Taiji.

  4. The Japanese are whaling again. How sad just when we thought they had stopped. I can’t believe that the poor Dalls porpoise is not going to escape their harpoons this year after all, not to mention the minke whales, and dolphins. Support the Sea Shepherds, and Wdsf/ProWal piling sheets.

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