Action Alert!! Dishonorable Taiji Dolphin Molesters drive 75 Pilot Whales into The Cove For Massacre

Red Ocean
 May 4th 2011 The Cove Will Fill With The Blood of Innocents

Springtime is upon us! Where ever we look there is new life. Spring brings most of us hope but not for the dolphins of Japan. This morning the Japanese drove 75 Pilot Whales into the Cove. You can only imagine the fear these sentient beings must be feeling as they wait for the knives of the dishonorable Japanese Fishserman. Much like the victims of Auschwitz they must wait, and watch as their murders sharpen their knives and prepare for the massacre of these defenseless beings. They will begin the slaughter in 10 hours. The tarps are being spread for the massacre of an entire community of pilot whales. Mothers,babies, pregnant mothers, the Japanese just don’t care. Their lust for dolphin and whale meat is insatiable. Their capacity for cruelty endless.
Dolphin Slaughter
A Japanese Murderer at Work
We cannot look away from this mass murder! The supporters of dolphins, and whales are growing everyday. We can stop this thing but we must take action! We need to deliver a strong message to the corrupt Japanese Government.

Follow the Link below and tell Prime Minister Nato Kan the Japanese must stop killing and capturing dolphins. Let him know that until the killing stops we will boycott all things Japanese, we will not support or help them in anyway until they stop the mass murder of the people of the sea.

We Must Never Stop fighting to Save Our Friends of The Sea

8 thoughts on “Action Alert!! Dishonorable Taiji Dolphin Molesters drive 75 Pilot Whales into The Cove For Massacre

  1. PLEASE stop the deplorable and inhumane slaughter of the dolphins!!!! They are such noble, intelligent and loving creatures and have a history of saving humans. They are trusting and love people. PLEASE respect and honor these wonderful creatures and STOP the brutal murder of these magnificent creatures.

  2. The people of Taiji, all of them are dishonorable as far as I am concerned. Today they are standing by and watching basically a whole family, generation being destroyed. Japan is so foolish really because the search engines are flooded with bloody whale and dolphin images. Japans Tsunami problems in the news are a thing of the past with this happening. It’s kind of sad really.

  3. I can’t believe the Japanese have driven 75 pilot whales into the cove for another mass slaughter. Why doesn’t Prime Minister Nato Kan stop the people of Taiji from killing dolphins in the cove. The pilot whale is a dolphin, they are sentient and travel in large communities. Today the Japanese are wiping out a community, a culture. How tragic is that?

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