Taiji Dolphin Slaughter 2011 April 6 Action Now!!

Pilot Whales. Mother and her calf.
A Mother A Calve Diving Deep

Sea Shepherds Conservation Society Scott West reports from Taiji that there are approximately 40 Pilot Whales still left in The Cove. They are slated to die at dawn on Friday May 6th in Japan. This is from 2pm-4pm USA Pacific time on Thurs. May 5th. We have about 8-10 hours. Please contact consulates and embassies. If closed, perhaps this is an emergency. Please ask them to at least spare the babies and pregnant females. Don’t kill the whole pod (Steven Thompson, FB, April 5, 2011)

Please Make a Call to the embassy. Below is a list of Embassies provided by A Teenage Activist

Washington 206-238-6700, New York 212-371-8222, Nashville 615-340- 3400, Chicago 312-280-0400, Denver 303-534-1151, San Francisco 415- 777-3533, Seattle 206-682-9107

London + 44 (0) 207 465 6500

Canada +1 613 241 8541

Australia + 61 (0) 262 7332 3244

South Africa + 27 (0) 12 452 1500

Dublin 3153 (0) 1 202 8300

New Zealand + 64 (0) 4 473 1540

The public relations person in San Francisco said, “If you think you can save those pilot whales by calling the embassies you are only fooling yourselves”. I believe we must make the call anyway!! Let our voices be heard.

2 thoughts on “Taiji Dolphin Slaughter 2011 April 6 Action Now!!

  1. I have been watching the killing of this pod closely on the internet. We need to blanket the internet with this horrific event so the world can see who, and what the Japanese fisherman of Taiji really are!

  2. I see you listed the names of all the embassies. The teenage activist also provided the numbers for the Taiji whale museum, and the imperial palace. I called the embassy in Washington D.C. My heart goes out to the remaining members of the pod waiting to die. God help man for the terror he has inflicted on cetaceans.

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