Hi-res photographic proof reactor core exploded at unit 3 | Lucas Whitefield. Hixson

Fukushima *

Lucas Whitefield Hixon is the master and I feature his outstanding web site and give tribute to the work he has done. The following statement was pulled from that article and is a summary of what happened in Unit 3. We all should be concerned and be informed on this disaster, and ask our government to present the truth rather then to hide the obvious.

“Even to a layperson, it is obvious that this means that the huge hydrogen explosion at unit 3 must have occurred in the reactor itself, and that the entire top of the reactor containment vessel was obliterated, ejecting the contents of the core – as well as the spent fuel pool- into the atmosphere.
This means, obviously, that significant quantities of plutonium were released, and that the release of radiation from unit 3 alone must be many times higher than has been admitted for the entire complex – Chernobyl pales in comparison.
It is apparent that Tepco, the NRC, and the Japanese and American government officials, among others, are participating in a coverup of the extent and severity of this disaster. This almost certainly applies to the blandly misleading assurances about the harmlessness of the fallout on US soil. The whistle must be blown, loud and clear.”

Hi-res photographic proof reactor core exploded at unit 3 | Lucas Whitefield Hixson.

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