Taiji’s Dolphin Slaughter Continues Through May

By Kirsten Massebeau

Swim Far*Swim Fast*Swim Deep

The first post from Scott West in Taiji, via A Teen Age Activist ignited the whale and dolphin activists world wide. For the next two days Scott West of Sea Shepherds and Brian Barnes of Save Japan Dolphins released pictures and updates as a pod of intelligent, sensitive, pilot whales were brutally murdered in the blood cove. The fisherman of Taiji thought they would be able to carry out this crime against these defenseless beings without detection. They didn’t realize when they met at 4am prior to the slaughter that morning, that their every move would be recorded and reported to the world. During the next 48 hours A Teen Age Activist posted 43 times with breaking news as the murders hung the blue tarps of death, sharpened their knives, and then eventually lead mothers and fathers under the blue tarp for a violent death like no other.
On May 4, 2011 at 13:50 a picture of the pilot whales in a netted area was released. You can see them close up. The fear in their eyes came through so clearly. Posts on Facebook from activists reflected the love and concern for the pilot whales! To know that these gentle beings, with such expressive faces were to undergo a death beyond imagination was more than many could take. The entire community of dolphin and whale activists buzzed with anger, and an out pouring of love.
On May 4, 2011 at 15:03 the first bloody images posted to Facebook by Brian Barnes. What had seemed just a nightmare became a reality as evidenced by the blood flowing freely in the cove. Thanks to Scott West, Brian Barnes, and A Teen Age Activist “their dirty little secret” had been exposed to the world again. No longer could they carry out their sadistic, and cruel torture of dolphins without the eyes of the world watching.
As two horrific days unfolded Facebook was alive twenty four hours a day. Everyone wanted to know what do we do? Scott West, Brian Barnes, and Steven Thompson another activist in Japan encouraged the entire community to call the Japanese Embassies and ask them to spare the pregnant mothers and babies. The Sea Shepherds released a page with all of the Japanese Embassies listed. The calling began. Not every Japanese embassy was glad to hear from an activist. The San Francisco Public Relations officer of the Embassy make a pesimistic statement, “If you think your call can save those pilot whales you are mistaken. You are wasting your time”. On May 5, 2011 at 17:39 Scott West reported via A Teen Age Activist, “But for the public outcry, I am sure all of these whales would be dead. They may still die anyway without their parents and leaders, but thank you all for making the calls. -Scott. Their were 20 babies left. When the fisherman opened the nets the babies just huddled into a corner. Never once did they stop trying to look under the tarps to catch a glimpse of their mother or father who was long since dead.
Eventually the dolphin molesters opened the nets and drove the children out to sea. Their chances of survival are not good because they are babies without the skills to hunt, many of the babies not weened from mothers milk. Gratefully, they were not led one by one to under the blue tarps to their death. At last the blood cove was quiet.
The Cove in Taiji, Japan tucked away in a National Park and is a
Activists continue the fight to end the mass slaughter of dolphins in Taiji. The love expressed on Facebook for these gentle being was remarkable. Although the Cove Guardians, and Save Japan Dolphins are no longer in Taiji the battle to save dolphins and all cetaceans continue the fight. A Teen Age Activist encourages all activists to continue making phone calls to the Japanese Embassies, and to keep sending emails and letters to the Japanese Government asking them to stop murdering dolphins and whales.
Now that the watchful eyes of activists are off the blood cove the dolphin molesters can carry out their cruelty without interference. Now more than ever it is so important that we keep the momentum going. Please keep calling and writing. The dolphin molesters have a permit that allows them to continue killing through the month of May. They murdered 60 Pilot whales at the Cove, meaning 140 more pilot whales will lose their lives to the dolphin molesters (Fisherman’s Union F.U.)




Contact the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC and urge them to stop killing dolphins and whales.  Be polite, and urge them to protect Japanese consumers from mercury poisoning from eating dangerous whale and dolphin meat.

Ambassador Ichiro FUJISAKI

2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20008

Phone:  202-238-6700

Fax: 202-328-2187

Japan Information and Culture Center

E-mail: jicc@ws.mofa.go.jp

Email the Prime Minister of Japan Nato Kan. Let him know you will not support Japan if they won’t stop murdering cetaceans. By Law the Japanese government must respond to all emails. This is a direct link to his comment page.

Make Today A Day for all the Dolphins of Taiji, Please Call and Write Now. They need us!

1 thought on “Taiji’s Dolphin Slaughter Continues Through May

  1. Because the dolphin slaughter continues through May in Taiji we really need to take action. I made calls that first week and sent out emails but I admit I haven’t sent Nato Kan an email for about a week. I will call the Japanese Embassy today! I noticed you have the same take action list as Save Japan Dolphins.org so it must be good.

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