Dolphin Blood Continues to Spill in The Cove

RIP Sweet Angels

Via Leah in Taiji with Save Japan Dolphins:

“What a feeling, to stand there over the Cove, filming and shaking as those last two Rissos dolphins, mother and wee tiny baby, fought for their lives and right next to me, a dolphin hunter, recording our every word…. but if you granted me a wish, it would not be the hunter’s death, but for him instead to WAKE UP AND REALIZE what they are doing and CHANGE”

Today marks the third dolphin slaughter this week in “The Cove” made famous in the Academy award winning film. Taiji dolphin hunters continue to drive dolphins into the cove despite opposition. The government of Japan issues permits allowing thousands of dolphins to be slaughtered every year.  In just one week the dolphin hunters have gone out weather permitting, only to drive pods of risso dolphins back to the cove where they have met brutal deaths at the hands of the hunters. The series of killings began with a pod that had mother and newborn baby in tow, went onto another pod of 10-12 and ended with a pod of 10 dying today another baby and mother led to their bloody deaths. “These families  fought hard for their lives” was reported from Taiji. Their fight for life would not be enough to battle the sharp hooks, knives, and bamboo nails used by the hunters. The video below reveals just how horrific their methods of slaughter are causing suffering beyond imagination to these gentle sentient beings.

The Risso dolphins (Grampus Griseus) are similar to the pilot whales as they have the large melon heads, with a crease in the forehead. Risso dolphins are dark gray with criss-crossed all over their body from rough play but also from their encounters with their food of choice deep water squid. They are extremely gregarious, living in pods of 10-30. They are known to be gentle, curious, and a delight to all that encounter them. They are family oriented staying together for a life time. Their Social skill are thought to be beyond mans.

A Pod Risso of Dolphins

As the slaughter continues day after day dolphin activists continue to fight for what is right and true, saving the dolphins migrating by Taiji, Japan! I believe together we can make a difference these dolphins!

RIP to the Mother and Baby Brutally Murdered in The Cove

Please join us as we fight to save the people of the sea! They need our help now more than ever!

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