Taiji the City of Dolphin Tears

Picture provided by Leah Lemieux Save Japan Dolphins

Taiji, the city of dolphin tears, brings another day of sadness and terror to dolphins driven into “The Cove”. On November 13, 2011 a pod of twenty risso dolphins with two rough toothed dolphins migrating together were detoured by the deadly dolphin hunters of Taiji. The pod fought hard for their freedom. For eight long hours the banger boats chased the dolphins banging on metal poles in trying to disable their sonar. Once the pod was driven past the harbor entrance and into the cove the killers made fast work killing ten risso dolphins in front of friends and family that had traveled together. Following the brutal slaughters of their loved ones the remaining pod huddled into a small knit group. Shock had set in. The cruel  dolphin hunters then fired up their banger boats driving the shattered pod out to sea. They did not have a permit to kill the two rare rough toothed dolphins and they had their glut of meat from the risso dolphins already slaughtered. Heather Hill activist on the ground in Taiji wrote a poignant post last night entitled, “Where are you now?”  after the slaughter, “And where are you, Taiji dolphin killers? In the comfort of your home, surrounded by your family? Will you even give a second thought to the family you destroyed just hours ago as you lay in bed tonight? Or will you sleep soundly, a belly full of dolphin, ignorant to the sufferings you’ve caused? You should be the ones mentally tortured right now, not the dolphins. Such a disgrace. Your actions make me embarrassed to be a part of the same species as you.”


RIP to the ten Risso dolphins murdered, and sadness for what lies ahead for the shattered pod. They must have been numb and grief filled beyond human understanding. “The highly elaborated cingulate and insular cortex in cetacean brains are consistent with the idea that these animals are highly sophisticated and sensitive in the emotional and social -emotional sophistication not achieved by other animals including humans “(Phillip Brakes and Mark Peter Simmonds, Whales and Dolphins Cognition, Culture, Conservation and Human Perceptions, Washington, DC, Earthscan, 2011).

Photo Provided by Save Japan Dolphin Leah Lemieux

The hunters have tried to hide behind the blue tarps of shame, whether killing, or transporting the wounded to slaughter. But thanks to the watchful eyes on the ground Rosie Kunneke, Leah Lemeiux, and Heather Hill their dolphin killing has been reported to the world. If watchful eyes had not been there would the remaining risso dolphins and the two rare rough toothed dolphins have been spared? Save Japan Dolphins Leah Lemeiux commented on the efficacy of activists witnessing the carnage, “One of the most respected cetacean conservationists in Japan has just told me that they probably would have killed those roughtooth and rissos dolphins if our little group hadn’t been there documenting and making a fuss and posting–and all of you out there making your calls!”

Video Provided by Leah Lemieux Save Japan Dolphins

Join us as we take action to end this tragic slaughter of higher beings. Thousands of people worldwide are joining the movement to save the dolphins that travel past Taiji. Activists on the ground working with social media groups like Save Misty the Dolphin on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Savemistythedolphin take the media provided by volunteers on the ground and take action, calling embassies, sending emails, writing letters, and educating the public through blog postings and social media platforms like Twitter using hashtags, #dolphinproject, #tweet4taiji, #SeaShepherds making people aware of the dolphin slaughter, and the captive dolphin industry that is at the crux of the situation, http://www.examiner.com/animal-advocacy-in-washington-dc/coalition-urges-trainer-organization-to-take-a-stand-against-taiji-dolphin-cull#ixzz1dPHmW6Z2

Please join us as we fight to end this terrible loss of dolphin life. The dolphins have gifts they want to share with mankind. Isn’t it time we recognize cetaceans for the higher being they are.

What you can do:

Boycott all aquariums, dolphinariums, swim with dolphins and dolphin therapy. The dolphins belong in the ocean not small cement tanks. Dolphins in captivity live only a tiny fraction of their lives compared to a dolphin living free in the ocean.

Watch the Cove for free online or tell a friend about it: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/cove/

Watch A Fall From Freedom or tell a friend about it:


Visit any of these links and please join the cause saving dolphins, whales, and our oceans.

Together we can make a difference!







14 thoughts on “Taiji the City of Dolphin Tears

  1. I just sent another donation to Sea Shepherd to save dolphins. Japan government makes me sick to my stomach. Thier back in Antarctic the whalers and Sea Shepherd is right behind them. You rock Sea Shepherd, Cove Guardians and all the other activists who are risking thier lives to save dolphins/whales. Thank you so much for keepin us posted of what’s gone on in Taiji and Antarctic. I will continue to send donations what ever it takes to save these beautiful creatures of the sea. Fishermen you are despicable as a human being. Your a disgrace to your country. You give the japanese people a bad name for your cruel acts. But look out Sea Shepherd is right behind you, they will fight to the end. Good luck guys/gals your doing a great job disrupted these evil men of thier activities. WE THE PEOPLE WILL PREVAIL!!!

  2. Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. These dolphins suffer enough into the evil hands of Taiji. Now it’s our turn to repay them back with kindness and protection. Together we can all make a difference. We the people have to make the change in Taiji.

  3. It seems ludicrous to me that this senseless slaughter is still going on, or that Japan’s whaling fleet is heading out to battle the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society using $30 million taken from the tsunami relief fund. It’s sickening that the Japanese seem to have no understanding of or appreciation for the long-term impacts of their actions. I wish the U.S. government would consider a trade embargo until Japan reverses its policies. In the meantime, we run an ecoutourism and environmental conservation website to draw attention to stories like these.

  4. These poor dolphins suffer through captivity, caught in nets for the tuna industry and the worst of all in Taiji Japan. These so called men that we call humans need to leave these poor creatures alone. Taiji is the cruelist of all to the treatment to dolphins. I hope they get hit with a earthquake and drown all the fisherman, trainers, mayor and last but not least the GOVERNMENT!! They are all the blame for the suffering of these poor creatures.

  5. After watchin Lolita Slave to Entertament, A Fall From Freedom and The Cove I will never buy a ticket to any show. The owners of Sea World, Miami Seaquarium, maraine parks and the worst one of all Taiji Japan are just in it for PROFIT!! They have no respect what so ever for these creatures. I hope the money that they made off of these poor creatures goes towards hospital bills on them and thier love ones. We will never give up on these intelligent beings of the sea NEVER EVER!!! Never underestimate the power of a group of committed people. WE WILL PREVAIL!!!

  6. Well, I have done what I wanted to do. The night that this happened, I got out all of my tea candles and put them in large dishes. I counted them carefully – 128 candles for those that have been so horribly slaughtered. (These filled two large plates. Six candles in a different dish, for those poor souls who have been dragged off to captivity, to perform for humans, having been trained in cruetly and having seen their families murdered. 11 candles in yet another dish for the traumatized remaining dolphins from the above pod, who were suddenly driven back out to sea. I turned out all of the lights, and watched the candles burn – one for each soul. The room was filled with light, and it was a way I could memorialize them and let them shine for one last time on this earth. In my hear, I now believe that they are shining on another better earth.

    Each time another pod is caught and slaughtered or whatever, I will memorialize that pod in the same way. I hope I never have to light another candle…..

  7. Ric Obarry once said a fisherman told him, if the world found out about the cove they would be shut down. My question is the world does know why is the cove still active?? And will this slaughter ever end in Taiji?? Please reply back.

  8. I have no doubt the dolphins were driven back out to sea because there were activists on the ground. Without the activists, no one would know there were rough toothed dolphins in the Risso pod and that the rough toothed dolphins could not be legallly captured or slaughtered.

  9. This is to disturbing and heartwrencing. I am not able to watch the video of the actual slaughter, its to disturbing. To all you activists and animal lovers around the world thank you so much for all your efforts and hard work. I am not an activist but this situation caught my attention after watchin the cove and a fall from freedom. VERY VERY SAD!! Taiji makes me sick to my stomach. They have no respect what so ever for these intelligent beings. I hope to God an earthquake disrupts that EVIL COVE and the money thier makin off of these poor dolphins will go towards hosiptal bills on them and thier love ones. Thank you guys and gals again for being the voice of these poor creatures. TAIJI YOUR A DISGRACE TO THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN!!!

  10. I could not say anything better than Heather Hill did. I am horrified and sickened. A night to light my candles, that I hoped I would never have to light. One for each slaughtered soul, and one for each soul now in captivity. What about the traumatized pod from today, wondering what happened? Where is their family? Perhaps I will have to light candles for those traumatized souls as well.

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