Champions For Cetaceans Daily Scoop: Bottlenose Dolphins in The Cove

By Kirsten Massebeau

By Martyn Stewart

Today two pods of bottlenose dolphins were pushed together and driven into the infamous cove in Taiji, Japan. The bottlenose dolphins will not be killed during the month of September due to an agreement with the captive industry. Every year from September to March dolphins are driven into the cove using a wall of sound. Once trapped some are selected for captivity, and the rest then slaughtered. This season so far has been bloody for other dolphin species, and especially cruel with the fisherman leaving the dolphins for days without food and then returning daily to perform gruesome killings.

Today the trainers rushed to the cove today in skiffs selecting one lone dolphin as noted by the Taiji Cove Monitor with Save Japan Dolphins on Twitter and Save Japan Dolphins Montior Page on Facebook:

SJD Cove Monitor一頭のイルカは連れて行かれた模様!まだ、コーブ内にいるかも?!後の群れは逃がされました、まだまだ見張ります!Dolphins one seems to have been taken! You still have to be in the Cove? ! Herd was released after, I still watch!

SJD Cove Monitor: Totally they put a bottlenose dolphin small tank of inside dolphin base ;(

The captive industry pays for the slaughter of dolphins to continue in Taiji, Japan as seen in the academy award-winning movie “The Cove. Please don’t buy a ticket to a marine park and don’t share and glorify images of captive dolphins because this supports the captive industry and ultimately the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.

To learn how you can help go to Save Japan

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