Champions for Cetaceans Daily Scoop: Capture of Russian Orcas

By Kirsten Massebeau

Russian Orca’s By

On September 25, 2012 Russian Orca confirmed via Facebook that orca captures have taken place in Russia.

“Following rumours, we confirmed today that at least two orcas were captured in August in the Western Okhotsk Sea near Reineke Island by Sochi Dolphinarium. One of them is either dead or released. Another orca was transported to Vladivostok. That’s all we know for now, trying to find out more. Tell us what you think and we’ll get the message to Sochi Dolphinarium” (source)

“Regarding the Russian orca capture by Sochi Dolphinarium, we have heard that the plan for the orca being held in Vladivostok is to sell him/her outside of Russia but no idea where…” (source)

“We have had no indications yet of where the orca is headed. We should share info if anyone hears anything” (source)

“The orcas were captured in the SW Sea of Okhotsk, a long way from our main study area off eastern Kamchatka/Commander Islands. We have only a very few orca photo-IDs obtained from our studies in that area. So yes, it’s possible but not likely. In any case, for now we don’t have a photo of the capture or of the individual being kept in Vladivostok. If we do get a photo, we will compare it right away”.(source)

Orca today are known to be unsuitable for captivity. Orca families stay together for a lifetime. Orca are known to be the most social beings on the planet and their lives are spent swimming great distances in the ocean. Is it right that these highly intelligent beings that have proved to be so dangerous in captivity, continue to be captured?

The book written by David Kirby, “Death at Sea World” explains just why orca should not be in captivity and how really dangerous it is. Please share the book, and encourage friends not to spend their dollars supporting an industry where highly intelligent beings are taken from their families and suffer for our entertainment.

Awareness and education are key to change!

Watch A Fall From Freedom here!

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For more information “Death at Sea World” on Facebook or their website

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