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  1. Oh my gosh I cant believe you actually are doing this test. The ocean has living animals and the animals are dying due to your testing. You are killing our ocean resources and it is very sad. STOP TESTING TODAY

  2. All the resources designated for this event can be redirected to find new and safer sources of power!!!! Please STOP SEISMIC TESTING UNTIL ALL OPTIONS ARE CONSIDERED! If Power Plants continue, at least research the safest and newest technology to map the ocean floor and save the lives of countless PRECIOUS organisms.

  3. NO SEISMIC TESTING! Plain and simple . . . will serve no purpose beyond destruction to marine life and our ecosystem at large. And fill the coffers of faceless corporate greed! Namely, PG&E!

    • It’s happening as we speak at low levels in Avila and the surrounding ocean areas. We have to figure out how to STOP this NOW! Not in a week or two, not when it is too late . . . NOW!

  4. Please, stop seismic testing off California coast. The effects on cetaceans will be absolutely desastrous. I’m asking you to rething your decision.

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