Baby Dolphin Dumped at Sea off Taiji

By Kirsten Massebeau

Photo taken by Nicole McLachlan 11/7/2012 Taiji, Japan

While in the United States voters rushed to the poles to cast their votes for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on the other side of the world in Taiji, Japan a very different kind of battle was taking place. A small pod of Risso’s dolphins were spotted by the notoriously cruel dolphin hunters of Taiji, Japan. This little family included a new baby who still sported his or her birthing rings, and a young juvenile, still dependent on their mother.

Photo by Save Japan Dolphins Taiji Cove Monitors 11/7/2012

The little pod fought hard but they never had a chance against the eight killing boats.

Photo By SSCS Cove Guardians 11/7/2012 Taiji, Japan

“These dolphins are fighting for their lives battling with Bangers near The Cove while the remaining banger boats come to help them these dolphins do not want to give up and the banging of these torture poles is louder and unbearable these poor dolphins are going through hell as we speak .. Difficult to watch”. (SJD Cove Monitors)

Baby Risso’s dolphin was eventually dumped at sea. Photo by SSCS Cove Guardians

Two poor souls were selected for captivity by the female trainers. The baby dolphin and the juvenile were then taken aboard a skiff and dumped out at sea. A brand new baby cast into the open sea with only a juvenile at his or her side. The remaining pod was slaughtered dying slowly behind the blue tarps known for the suffering that happens behind their draped walls.

by Dieter Hagmann

Dolphin trainers work side by side with the dolphin killers. Photo by SSCS Cove Guardians 7/11/2012 Taiji, Japan

“It beggars belief what happened today to the babies in this pod, no mercy shown what so ever. The female trainer who chose the ones for captivity and dragged the baby back under the nets was most shocking to me. And trainers say they love dolphins”. (SJD Taiji Cove Monitors)

Risso’s dolphins blood runs down the drains.  Photo by SSCS Cove Guardians

As the U.S. election was called, and as the candidates gave their speeches of success and concession, far away on the other side of the world in Taiji, Japan a baby dolphin and juvenile, wandered the ocean sure to die without their parents and pod. On land in Taiji, the blood of innocent dolphins ran down the drain pipes, while two Risso’s dolphins deep in shock, were imprisoned, and catapulted into training for captivity, never to see the open ocean and their pod again. A day of shattered dolphin lives had again come and gone again in Taiji a true hell on earth for dolphins.

The captive dolphin trade pays for the slaughter. Each dolphin brings these hunters up to $150,000 once trained, while the mercury laden meat of these poor souls brings in far less. The message from our Save Japan Dolphins Cove Monitors and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Cove Guardians: “Don’t buy a ticket! When you support a dolphin show you support the slaughter and capture of dolphins in Taiji, Japan”. Keep sharing The Cove far and wide. Follow the live stream by the Cove Guardians on

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8 thoughts on “Baby Dolphin Dumped at Sea off Taiji

  1. I find the happenings at the place to be beyond belief…horrible to put those 2 young ones back into the ocean without a mother. Cruel and heartless. I find myself hating the trainers, the murderers and anyone who allows this to go on day after day relentlessly!

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  3. Well done for shpwing what is happening. I also include posts on my blog about these barbaric hunts.It has to be stopped. These cetaceans need our help. I am so ashamed to be part of the species that could even think of doing this, let alone do it. There is something fundamentally very very wrong with people who do this. I see this as war crimes

  4. The evilness in which you Japanese butchers torture dolphins and whales (is wrong), and you will have to pay tenfold! Karma will be brought upon you in horrible ways. Ways to remind you of the slaughter you caused, and the torture you inflicted upon the (innocent) Dolphins and Whales you killed for money/greed! I know you (Japanese men) were not raised to be killers/butchers, but that is exactly what you have become! How do you sleep at night? How do you look into the eyes of your children knowing that you are a killer/butcher? I pray for you, but your actions (sins) are in the hands of God now. Karma is real, and you are responsible for all of the bad things you have done to ALL of the beautiful. innocent dolphins and whales that you murdered! And for what reason? If it was for money, I pity you! You cannot take money with you when you die. It is not worth the sin it created! How do you explain the fact that you killed innocent dolphins and whales to God? God gave you life to live today, and today is all we are promised. We may not be here tomorrow. Do you want God and your family to remember you as a killer/butcher? Please, repent to God. Make peace with yourself, and our Lord! Live a sin free life, and live so that God and your family are proud of the man that you are! Let the dolphins live as God intended them to live, free and at peace! Let them live! They live in water, they eat fish! They cannot go on to land to get food from McDonalds! They are God’s creatures. It isn’t your place to hurt/kill God’s creatures. That is what he expects, and that is what he intended from mankind! Please stop killing ALL sea creatures, dolphins and whales, etc. Many mammals are soon to be extinct. How will your family/children know of and enjoy these beautiful creatures ii they are gone from this world due to your slaughter for money/greed? Be what you wish to be in this world!

  5. I find the happenings at the place to be beyond belief…horrible to put those 2 young ones back into the ocean without a mother. Cruel and heartless. I find myself hating the trainers, the murderers and anyone who allows this to go on day after day relentlessly!

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