Improve your Tweet for the Environment

By Kirsten Massebeau

#dolphinsloveus #ecoleaders #tweet4dolphins

#Environmental #hashtags #dolphinsloveus #ecoleaders #tweet4dolphins

For the environmental activist social media success means sharing your message, and finding receptive listeners who are willing to take action for the health of our planet, and welfare of people and animals. On January 21, 2013 at 7pm Eastern time activists will have a chance to improve their skills on Twitter and become more effective. Michael Q.Todd social media guru and Twitter expert is hosting a webinar on Tweeting for the environment:

Michael Q Todd, Jackie Bigford, June Stoyer, Paige Nelson and others will discuss and share thoughts about using Twitter. The focus will be on how environmental causes and individuals can use Twitter more effectively.

When to tweet/ What hashtags to use?
How to manage your account and more.

Please go to to watch live and to ask questions during the webinar. 

The Twitter hashtag will be #EcoMonday
Please  join the event and share it to your friends and in your environmental groups.

Be the best you can be and help dolphins, whales, the ocean, and the planet!           Together we can make a difference!

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