Join The Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project Give your Vote to Les Stroud and the Orca Conservancy

By Kirsten Massebeau

In August of 2010 the Star began publishing a series of articles that would change history and the worlds view of Marine Parks forever as Phil Demers and other former trainers came forward exposing conditions of abuse and neglect at Marineland in Niagara Falls, Canada. The article, “Marineland animals suffering, former staffers say” by Linda Diebel, published Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 revealed what goes on behind closed doors, with example after example, complete with pictures of the terrible neglect and suffering. The articles infuriated animal activists and environmentalists world-wide. Since the articles were published there have been two protests demanding the dilapidated Marine Park be permanently closed.

In her article, “Marineland Conditions for Killer Whale Still Substandard – Video of Kiska the Orca“, Candace Calloway Whiting uses video of Kiska obtained by Alex Dorer of Fins and Fluke of Kiska floating listless and alone in her pool. Dorer described the situation as she sees it at Marineland and how important it is to support the Whistleblowers.

Marineland Canada is one of Ontario’s most popular tourist attractions. Until Phil Demers, a Marineland senior trainer, went public (via the Toronto Star) with how Marineland treats its animals, no one really knew about the horrific conditions in which those animals live and die. You can find the Star’s extensive investigation series into what goes on behind-the-scenes at Marineland here. 
In response to Demer’s actions, Marineland and its owner, John Holer, fired and sued Christine Santos, who happens to be Demers’ girlfriend. And now Demers has been sued as well, AND he has been threatened with additional legal action as well. Demers and Santos now face crippling legal bills, just to defend themselves, and financial ruin if they can’t muster a legal defense.

Pictures provided by Alex Dorer of Fins and Flukes

Pictures of Marineland marine mammals provided by Alex Dorer of Fins and Fluke

 How can you help? Join Ric O’Barry his son Lincoln, and Les Stroud as they give a voice and a vote to the brave whistleblowers and animals at Marineland. Please vote for Les Stroud every day in the celebrity challenge Here. Proceeds benefit Marineland whistleblowers and the lone Orca, Kiska. .

For more information on how you can help come to Fins and Fluke on Facebook. Start making a difference for these animals by supporting the Orca Conservancy and the Marineland Whistleblowers today!

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