Dauphins obèses à Hardewijk

The dolphins are obese due to small pools and too much food. Just another example of how captivity kills cetaceans.

Free Dolphins Belgium

Hardewijk-Grootste_dierenvriend_nederland_2013 160

harderwijk-Grootste_dierenvriend_nederland_2013 163

Harderwik-Grootste_dierenvriend_nederland_2013 168

Hardewijk-Grootste_dierenvriend_nederland_2013 166

Harderwijk-Grootste_dierenvriend_nederland_2013 167

Harderwik-Grootste_dierenvriend_nederland_2013 172

Harderwijk 2013
From Naomi Rose

“They don’t get enough exercise (especially in the tanks this place has, they are basically glorified swimming pools) and they are fed too much. Food is given as a reward for performing tricks correctly and with the amount of times these dolphins perform, some of them get fed a lot. This dolphin’s overall condition doesn’t look good. He is obese, has scratched the skin of the end of his beak, has marks on his body (possible rake marks from other dolphins) and his dorsal fin has a chunk missing and looks a bit ragged. This is what a life in captivity does to these animals.”
End The Captivity Of Cetaceans


«Ils ne reçoivent pas assez d’exercice (en particulier dans leur bassin de la taille d’une  piscine) et on les nourrit trop. La nourriture leur est donnée comme récompense pour exécuter correctement des tours. Vu le…

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