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Man is a land creature and he has taken over the oceans. Instead of acting the gracious guest we over fish, and murder her people, the cetaceans. We believe the ocean and her food belong to her creatures first. Marine mammals and marine life belongs in the oceans not in captivity. By networking and bringing people of the world together we can create one voice that give cetaceans, and all marine mammals a fighting chance.

18 thoughts on “Bloggers for Cetaceans

  1. Hi- Thank you for all the work you do. I wanted to ask if you would consider supporting a Boycott I started with a few other Dolphin and Whale advocates. As you probably know The Dolphin Project and The Cove Guardians feel that aren’t in position to do a boycott on Japanese goods, but they do encourage taking such actions. After continually watching the Taiji hunts and hearing about the Whale Program expanding, we felt we had to do something that would make the Japanese people finally take notice that the world finds their whale and dolphin hunts unacceptable. I’d love it if you’d consider joining the boycott and spreading the word. We can only do this together. Thanks!

  2. hello Champions, it was very interesting watching Dieter’s video – ‘summer at the cove’. what a contrast. i had an idea regarding the use of his video and would love the chance to email it over with him or another if that’s at all possible. i visit the Japanese Embassy in London to raise awareness there, we have planned a demo there on Nov. 7th – we’re gonna make some noise! (all are welcome!) anyway i hope that you receive my email address and that it’s possible for you to PM me. very many thanks

  3. Hi Kristen!

    I’m Lucie, a volunteer for Australia For Dolphin ( I’m writing to ask if you’d agree to help us (if you haven’t already 🙂 ) in our campaign to free Angel, the baby albino dolphin retained in Japan. Her whole pod has been killed soon after she was caught, and she now stays in alarming conditions in the Taiji Whale Museum.

    You’ve probably heard of it, but the biggest opponents of dolphin hunting have come together to support a petition calling for her release and with enough signatures, this petition has a real potential of success. That’s basically what I’m asking you today: your signature, and a little help to spread the word around you.
    We are also more largely concerned by ending dolphin hunting in Taiji, where Angel was captured, and here again, the success of our today’s action would be a big step towards a larger victory! The more people there are to support us, the harder it will be for the Taiji government to ignore the world’s demands.

    Here is the link to the petition, that would be great if you accept to share it anywhere you want (Fb page, twitter, website…)

    link twitter #SaveAngel :

    With your online following and your already great involvement in helping dolphins, you can definitely substantially help Angel’s chances of rescue and survival!

    If you have any question about Angel and our campaign, I’d be happy to give your more information, please feel free to write me back at or via Facebook.

    Many thanks for your time, I’m looking forward to hearing from you !

    Best regards,

    Lucie – Volunteer AFD

  4. I recently produced a documentary for WWF featuring the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin in the Gulf of Thailand. As one cetacean lover to another, please promote it if you feel it could be of interest to the readers of this blog. Thank you.

  5. Great blog! Will support any work done for the benefit of all animals & oceans! I love Dolphins and find your info. to be very informative! Thank u! I will check back often for updates! I am now following you on Twitter. I am @jenaeseetal If I can be of any help to you shoot me a tweet; I am on Twitter daily and spend much time trying to help animals! Thank you!

  6. Love your pages here. I would like to share some prose I wrote for our page in hopes of influencing more empathy for what our hunted marine animal species experience as they’re removed from their families and heartlessly slaughtered:

    To Kill a Whale:

    Many Blessings on those who take action to protect innocent, sentient, living beings who cannot speak for themselves! ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

  7. Hello,
    My name is Kati Watson. I am from Lenoir, North Carolina. I am a senior this year at a small high school called West Caldwell High. Since I was about six or seven, I knew that I would somehow work with marine mammals when I got older. Well, now I am older and I love them even more now than I did then. As some may know, in high school here, one must complete a “Graduation Project” in order to graduate. The project consists of a paper and a product and some sort of documentation that describes everything that I have learned. Last summer I had my mind set on doing this project on ballroom dancing, because it would be the easiest thing ever to complete. Then, one day I somehow ended up watching The Cove, and immediately knew that I had to raise awareness in my little town because NOONE KNOWS!! I didn’t even know. It has been in my heart since then to do my project on The Effects of Captivity on Dolphins and Whales, so that I might get my whole school involved. I have just gotten most of my paper finished (You guys would be proud). The rub is, I need an interview with someone who is an expert in the area, and since noone in Lenoir knows ANYTHING about Japan or Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, noone can help me. So, I was wondering if someone could perhaps do an interview by email so that I may move on to my product, which will consist of my own petition for students and people in my area to sign once I get on the morning announcements at school to explain what I am doing. I will also be holding a fundraiser for The Dolphin Project. My entire product will be a video that includes clips from The Cove, the petition signing and from the fundraiser that I will present to the Green Club at my school, the Graduation Project Committee, and will afterwards be posted on YouTube. If somone who can help me would like to email me, it is
    Thank you all for being such a great inspiration to me,
    Love, Kati

    • Hey Kati,
      Good on ya’ buddy..
      Have you contacted the earthislandinstitute? They are the ‘parent’ organization under which Ric O’Barrys dolphin project works, and I am sure they will help.
      While not knowing him personally, I have heard so many things that make me believe that Ric O’Barry is a very caring person.
      Failing that try looking up the cove monitors and cove guardians on Facebook and contacting them. I am sure someone will help, and perhaps even do an interview via Skype with you.
      I have been to Taiji and know that the people there are the most giving and caring people you will meet. I am sure they would help you. I would, but I am far from an expert.
      See what you can do, if you need help, let me know

  8. Request for Submissions

    My name is Judith Vidaver, I am Chair of Ocean Protection Coalition. We are located in Mendocino County, California.

    OPC has been active since 1987, successfully protecting our local marine environment from such threats as oil drilling and wave power plants.

    For over a year OPC has been dealing with Navy plans to expand their training exercises off the Pacific Northwest coast. While the Navy training range stops at the Mendocino County border, OPC is still concerned about harmful impacts to marine life, especially to migratory species such as the California Gray Whale and other marine mammals. The Navy refuses to avoid the migratory season or path of the Gray Whale or any other sensitive areas such as Marine Sanctuaries.

    OPC has identified this issue as our top priority for 2011.

    We are going to produce a video covering:

    the Navy’s plans in the Pacific Northwest

    potential impacts to marine life–with focus on impacts of sonar on marine mammals & effects of toxics & explosions

    Socio-economic impacts

    Communities’ responses—demonstrations, parades, meetings/statements w/ local & other officials, etc.

    Potential solutions/actions

    If you, your community, or your organization would like to participate in this endeavor, we need “footage” of the above.

    We also need footage of the Navy in action, e.g. ships, subs, guns firing, etc.

    Footage should be high quality, dynamic, dramatic and visually compelling. Sound needs to be clear.

    Information should be clear, concise, & accurate.

    We’ll distribute the final DVD far & wide as an educational & organizing tool.

    Please send video tape/DVD discs to

    Ocean Protection Coalition

    PO Box 1006

    Fort Bragg, CA 95437

    Please include a description of material you want included, with names of persons involved—if relevant–date & place of event & any other relevant info.

    Material will not be returned unless specifically requested and accompanied by a SASE

    If you would like to make a financial contribution to this project, you may use the same mailing address.

    • Hi Judith,
      So great to have your response on our site. I was originally inspired by Rosalind Peterson while I was visiting Arcata, California. I read an article in the paper Humboldt, then later I was at the COOP and received information about the NWTC. My Dad is a biologist and has been very involved with environmental issues on the Oregon Coast. When I returned to Cannon Beach my father and I approached the “Haystack Awareness Program” in hopes that they would work with us to stop the training expansion. We also interviewed by the Cannon Beach Gazette. The Gazette also included a statement by the Navy that attempted to basically delete everything we had stated. We decided that we needed to start networking online hence this site. We would love to work with you and I will create a link to your site. Sorry about the About page, I just didn’t get there yet.
      Hope to Meet with you soon,
      Kirsten Johnson

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