Champions For Cetaceans Daily Scoop: Pilot Whales Cove Red

By Kirsten Massebeau

Pilot Whales Rushes onto the Rocks in Panic By Save Japan Dolphin Cove Monitors

The pilot whales driven into the cove on September 28, 2012 in Taiji Japan panicked as they were netted off in the death cove. As seen above dolphins rushed onto rocks and on the beaches and with good reason. Save Japan Dolphins Taiji Monitor reacted to the inhumane treatment of these whales with this response:

“today was so sad and too panic for me…..I dont want see anymore like this…..too hard for me…. (Source)


The Brave Whale Fought for His Life By Sea Shepherds Cove Guardians

This whale fought for life as noted by Sea Shepherds Cove Guardians,

“A WILL TO SURVIVE….This lone pilot whale tried everything to escape man’s wrath…but eventually gave up and remains captive in the killing cove”. — atTaiji, Japan.(Source)

While activists predicted the hunters would postpone the slaughter taking Saturday off the hunters had other plans as noted by the Sea Shepherds Cove Monitors via Twitter September 29, 2012

  • Taiji: there is activity at Fishermans Union and tarps are in place. There will be a slaughter today. #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: pod being driven into shallow killing cove by 3 skiffs. 6:05am#Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: murder is taking place in the cove right now. At least 20 coast guard And police standby. #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: one pilot whale lingers outside nets. Appears to be juvenile not wanting to leave family. #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: killers driving part of pod back out of killing cove. Will slaughter only half of pod. #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: transfers of dead bodies being dragged out of cove just past remaining pod. #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: outside Taiji butcherhouse tarps are draped and police are monitoring. Taiji attempts to hide bloodshed. #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: Butchers outside with blood covered boots and gloves. Meat auction may be delayed until tomorrow. #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: another transfer of whale bodies arriving at butcherhouse now.
  • Taiji: killing boat returning to harbor. Pod remains in cove. Fate unknown at this time. #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: The cove is bright red and remaining pops still alive and swimming in blood filled water #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: sixth transfer of pilot whale bodies heading to harbor. The smell of fresh pilot whale meat is overwhelming. #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: Killers are taking lunch break now, feasting on pilot whale meat. Pod still in cove. Typhoon expected tonite. #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: 2 killing boats and 3 skiffs heading to cove now. Remaining pilot whale Pod will be driven back to sea. 11:47 #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: a total of 4 killing boats and 3 skiffs now at cove removing net. This pod will be driven back out sea. #Tweet4Taiji
  • Taiji: pod is exhausted and traumatized as they are being herded out of the cove. Slowly swimming.#Tweet4Taiji

By Save the Blood Dolphins

A youngster, a juvenile looks back at the bloody waters where his family was just  slaughtered most likely wondering why? An older whale fights hard but gives up in exhaustion. Dolphin sadness and suffering seems never-ending in Taiji. The battle to spread awareness about the plight of dolphins forced into the blood cove continues. The 2009 Academy Award winning documentary, “The Cove” brought new awareness to the dolphin capture and slaughter in Taiji, Japan. Today Cove Monitors with Save Japan Dolphins  and Cove Guardians with Sea Shepherds Conservation Society are standing watch and documenting the terrible abuses, and treatment of dolphins in this coastal town. Supported by the captive industry hunters fight to hide their cruel actions but dolphin activists will not be silenced, and will not be stopped. Brave volunteers stand by from September to March watching as pod after pod of sentient beings are brutally killed by what seem to be men who have no compassion. Science has acknowledged dolphin sensitivity and intelligence. It is time for Taiji listen, and stop. Let’s end it today!

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Champions For Cetaceans Daily Scoop: More Pilot Whales in The Cove

By Kirsten Massebeau

September 16th-18th pilot whale slaughter captured by Martyn Stewart

The dolphin hunters of Taiji have driven yet another pod of 20-25 pilot whales into, “The Cove” in Taiji, Japan. This will be the third pod of pilot whales since the start of the dolphin hunting season September 1st. The drive today was grueling and cruel as the dolphins panicked in the stormy seas and threw themselves on the rocks and on the beach as noted by the Save Japan Dolphin Monitors on Twitter and on Facebook

#Tweet4Dolphins Big pod are in cove;((( (pilot whales). One big pilot jump over to our beach!fishermans were so panic and we are panic too;(

According to Sea Shepherds Cove Guardians there dolphins will be held for at least 2 days before the slaughter takes place.

Taiji: The Fisherman’s union doesn’t slaughter on Saturdays. This pod will be held for 2 days until Sunday. Current is rough due to Typhoon.

The pilot whales are sold into captivity, but also sold as food as can be seen here on Please sign the petition asking Yahoo Japan to stop selling dolphin and whale meat  here.

Pilot whale meat September 18, 2012 By Martyn Stewart

What can you do?

Call your Japanese Embassy or Consulate and ask that the dolphin killing end! Japanese Embassies Worldwide

Contact CNN and let them know that dolphins are in the cove!

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Champions for Cetaceans Daily Scoop: Capture of Russian Orcas

By Kirsten Massebeau

Russian Orca’s By

On September 25, 2012 Russian Orca confirmed via Facebook that orca captures have taken place in Russia.

“Following rumours, we confirmed today that at least two orcas were captured in August in the Western Okhotsk Sea near Reineke Island by Sochi Dolphinarium. One of them is either dead or released. Another orca was transported to Vladivostok. That’s all we know for now, trying to find out more. Tell us what you think and we’ll get the message to Sochi Dolphinarium” (source)

“Regarding the Russian orca capture by Sochi Dolphinarium, we have heard that the plan for the orca being held in Vladivostok is to sell him/her outside of Russia but no idea where…” (source)

“We have had no indications yet of where the orca is headed. We should share info if anyone hears anything” (source)

“The orcas were captured in the SW Sea of Okhotsk, a long way from our main study area off eastern Kamchatka/Commander Islands. We have only a very few orca photo-IDs obtained from our studies in that area. So yes, it’s possible but not likely. In any case, for now we don’t have a photo of the capture or of the individual being kept in Vladivostok. If we do get a photo, we will compare it right away”.(source)

Orca today are known to be unsuitable for captivity. Orca families stay together for a lifetime. Orca are known to be the most social beings on the planet and their lives are spent swimming great distances in the ocean. Is it right that these highly intelligent beings that have proved to be so dangerous in captivity, continue to be captured?

The book written by David Kirby, “Death at Sea World” explains just why orca should not be in captivity and how really dangerous it is. Please share the book, and encourage friends not to spend their dollars supporting an industry where highly intelligent beings are taken from their families and suffer for our entertainment.

Awareness and education are key to change!

Watch A Fall From Freedom here!

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Champions For Cetaceans Daily Scoop: “Behind The Dolphin Smile”


By Kirsten Massebeau

Ric O’Barry has spent a  lifetime advocating for dolphins. In his recently updated book, co written with Keith Coulbourn, “Behind the Dolphin Smile” the reader takes a journey from Ric’s early experiences as a Dolphin Trainer and the star of Flipper, to his awakening as a dolphin activist when a dolphin named Cathy died in his arms at the Miami Seaquarium:

“She was really depressed… You have to understand dolphins and whales are not [involuntary] air breathers like we are. Every breath they take is a conscious effort. They can end their life whenever. She swam into my arms and looked me right in the eye, took a breath and didn’t take another one. I let her go and she sank straight down on her belly to the bottom of the tank.”(Ric O’Barry)

Ric’ O’Barry has fought tirelessly for dolphins. “Behind the Dolphin Smile” documents Ric’s work as an advocate for dolphins worldwide opposing captivity, slaughter, and helping captive dolphins return to freedom.

. This updated edition also includes a preface on drive fisheries, what is happening to end the slaughter and capture of dolphins in Taiji, and his academy award-winning film, “The Cove“.
Behind the Dolphin Smile” is a must have for dolphin activists and dolphin lovers. The book is both inspiring and educational. As always Ric O’Barry reminds us not to be fooled by the dolphin smile.

To learn more go to  Save Japan Dolphins “Behind the Dolphin Smile”