Brutal Canadian Seal Hunt 2011 Harp Seal, Grey Seal Kill Quota Increased

By Kirsten Massebeau

It is hard to imagine that just a week from now if not sooner seal pups like the baby pictured on the left will be literally hacked, beaten, and then skinned alive. It makes me wonder about the word human, and humane. Is man even capable of caring for the beautiful things of the earth without wanting to consume or destroy them? Was man ever able to appreciate beauty like that of harp and gray seals without wanting to wear their skin? This year 300,00 harp seal babies and 60,000 gray seals will be brutally skinned alive. The sale of seal products is banned in most places. Thanks to China though the seal molesters will still have a market. It is amazing that year after year the world sits by while Canada does the unthinkable. My first question is always what can I do? My intention with today’s post was t0 list several ways your voice can be heard.  Follow the link below and contact  the Prime Minister of Canada  Stephen Harper and ask him to the brutal slaughter of these babies and their mothers. Tell him that you will boycott all Canadian cold water seafood until the seal hunt ends. Follow the link below and tell the Red Lobster to stop buying Canadian Seafood until the Seal Hunt is ended!

Canadian Seal Hunt The Odette Leblanc Collection: They say the following about their products: “Composed of a complete line of very unique seal fur products.. Ranging from small accessories to full length coats, you will surely find the ideally suited item you’ve been looking for or even been dreaming about owning!” Odette Leblanc 022 chemin de l’école Rd. Pointe-aux-Loups, Îles de la madeleine PQ G4T 8B1 Tel: 418-969-9385 E-mail: Use form at Petit Nord: They sell childrens seal fur hats, boots, mittens. E-mail: Use form at Main office: Toppevadvej 7, Søsum DK-3670 Veksø Sj. Denmark Phone: +45 44852050 Fax:     +45 44852051 web: Pajar: Makes/sells sealskin boots. Pajar 4509 Coloniale Avenue Montreal, Quebec, Canada. H2T 1V8 Tel.: 514-844-3067 Toll free: 1-888-667-2527 Fax: 514-844-3066 E-mail: Don’t they deserve our help? IMG_3941-aw

Canadian Seal Hunt 2011 in Progress Thousand of Innocent Seals and Their Pups

By Kirsten Johnson

This Hunter with Slash and Hack Until the Defenseless Pup is Dead

Knowing that the Canadians opened their bloody Seal hunting season on March 3, 2011 has been tough to live with. I can’t help but flash to the dying seal pups as they look to their murders for sympathy only to have a hunter smile as he clubs the babe and then skins he or she alive. What for? The Chinese want to wear baby seal? According to Captain Watson of the Sea Shepherds the Canadians are only shooting themselves in the foot. “”Those who support the theory that seals are destroying the fish are only exposing their ignorance of ecological systems. The reasoning that less seals will result in more fish or that more seals will deplete existing fish populations is an unscientific belief because it is a belief not backed by observation or data. (“Seal Wars- Twenty Five Years on the Front Lines with the Harp Seals”- Firefly Books, Copyright 2003, Paul Watson)

He goes onto discuss the ecological implications of the seal hunt and how it really effects the fishing industry,

“When harp seals eat in herds, the return massive amounts of nutrients in the form of fecal material, which feeds the plankton, which feed the fish, which in turn feed the seals. The removal of this nutrient base would be critical to the health of plankton and fish populations.”(“Seal Wars- Twenty Five Years on the Front Lines with the Harp Seals”- Firefly Books, Copyright 2003, Paul Watson)
“The migrating seal herds, and other marine mammals, move nutrient wealth in a way no other force can: in giant north-south loops and from great depths to the surface. By going through regular periods of gorging and feasting, seals provide large amounts of nutrients at key times of the year. The combination of the seal supplied nutrients in the area where the Labrador Current meets the Gulf Stream of Mexico is responsible for the great fish grounds of the Grand Banks. Reference to the logs of captain Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, and John Cabot illustrate that at the time of the greatest number of seals prior to European exploitation, the fish were so abundant that Cabot described the Grand Banks as “so swarming with fish that they could be taken but in baskets let down with a stone.”((“Seal Wars- Twenty Five Years on the Front Lines with the Harp Seals”- Firefly Books, Copyright 2003, Paul Watson)

The world is condemning this practice. To watch a baby seal pup try to scurry away from a hunter on the ice is heart breaking. Here we sit in our warm homes enjoying food, and entertainment while at that very moment a Harp or Gray seal is being clubbed, shot, or hacked to death. How can this behavior on the part of man be right. When will man evolve beyond raping the ocean and murdering her children.

Follow the direct link below and ask  the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper  to end this needless bloodshed. Tell him that it is time to stop this campaign of cruelty for the profit of a few bloody thirsty money hungry Seal Hunters.

If you still want to argue sustainability, if you have some small inkling of belief inside that this is OK and must be done for some twisted reason then you need to watch the graphic video below made by the Humane Society.