October 12 , 2012- NOAA-NMFS Public Hearings in Washington, DC

This wonderful post by my friend Barbara Napoles says it all about the Beluga NOAA hearings. The post includes video of Ric O’Barry and a recording of Barbara’s speech to the panel. A very worthy read with a take action link. NOAA/NMFS are still accepting comments on this important issue.

A Dolphin Activist

The team from Save the Blood Dolphins arrives in Washington, DC full of energy and ready to speak at the NOAA-NMFS public hearings  but first we had to stop by the Japanese, Indonesia Embassies and drop off the signatures for the petitions “Stop the Annual Slaughter of Dolphins” with over 9,823 signatures.

As we arrived at the Japanese Embassy a strong gust of wind blew the officers papers away from his podium, Mila and I  helped him picked them up. We made a new friend. (Thank you God of the Wind – Aeolus)

The petition “Dolphins Don’t Belong in Traveling Circus” with over 23,500 signatures also delivered to the Indonesian Embassy.

We are very thankful to each and everyone that  took the time to sign these petitions. Then we head out to Silver Springs, Maryland, The NOAA – National Marine Fisheries Service and their Public hearings.

For the first time…

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Drive Fisheries Japan the cat is out of the bag

By Kirsten Massebeau Champions for Cetaceans Daily Scoop


In an article published in Japan the Elsa Conservancy / O’Barry in March of 2012  the captive industry is directly linked to the cruel drive fisheries in Taiji, Japan where dolphins are pushed into a shallow cove using sound. Once trapped some are selected for captivity entertaining people at marine parks, and the rest are then slaughtered. The article is written in Japanese which makes it a great piece to share via Twitter and Facebook in Japanese. Use a translator and get creative. Change will come from within Japan so we must support those who live there and can make that change happen!