Mothers and Baby Dolphins Shown No Mercy

Mother and Baby Dolphin December 20,212 Taiji. By SSCS Cove Guardians

Mother and Baby Striped Dolphins December 20,212 Taiji. By SSCS Cove Guardians

As families around the world come together for Christmas celebrations hearts swell as people realize how important family is, how much joy our children bring us, and how lucky we are to have them in our lives. Unfortunately for a pod of striped deep pelagic dolphins their would be no December celebrations, or new year to look forward too thanks to the dolphin hunters of Taiji.

On December 20, 2012 Taiji dolphin hunters drove a pod of 25-30 striped dolphins loaded with mothers and their babies into the cove. These deep-sea dolphins are known for panicking when forced into shore. As the killers dropped the nets the dolphins panicked many throwing themselves on the rocks and becoming entwined in the nets.

Panicked striped dolphins would be shown no mercy

Panicked striped dolphins would be shown no mercy. December 20, 2012                             by SSCS Cove Guardians

The chaos began early on as mothers attempted to protect their babies and dolphins panicked rushed onto the rocks becoming entwined in the nets. No mercy would be shown, no help would be given. Instead the entire pod was slowly pushed under the tarps of suffering and shame. Dolphin trainers from the Taiji Whale Museum worked side by side with the dolphin killers under the tarps but no dolphins would be selected. Much like Auschwitz the little family was pushed to their slow deaths, mothers and babies clinging to each other until the very end.

Japanese fishermen claim they kill dolphins instantaneously and without pain. This video WHICH IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC  shows that it can take 7 minutes for a dolphin to die an agonizing death. The video was taken from an earlier drive at great personal risk by German journalist Dieter Hagmann at Taiji, Japan.

Dolphin bodies hidden under tarps. December 20, 2012. By SSCS Cove Guardians

Dolphin bodies lie side by side in death hidden under tarps.                           December 20, 2012. By SSCS Cove Guardians

December has been an ugly month for dolphin pods that have attempted to migrate past Taiji. This small coastal town made famous in the academy award winning film, The Cove continues to kill dolphin families, showing no mercy for mothers or their young. Taiji again gives dolphins the gift of suffering and slow death for yet another Christmas.

Each year the dolphin slaughter of Taiji is monitored and recorded by Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians and Save Japan Dolphins Taiji Cove Monitors. Both can now be found on Facebook and Twitter as they report back to the world exposing the terrible abuses to dolphins in Taiji. The slaughter of dolphins is supported by those sold in the Captivity. Please don’t buy a ticket!

25 Striped Dolphins Slaughtered in The Cove

The Hopi Prayer Dolphin Provided by Laura Leigh

Today the cove runs red with the blood of an innocent pod of estimated 25 -35 striped dolphins. Although part of the pod broke off before they were driven through the harbor entrance the dolphins suffered greatly, a boat drove over a panicked dolphin mortally mangling the victim, Sea Shepherds, “Taiji: Dolphin was mangled by skiff propeller as it tried to escape. Murdering now under tarps #tweet4taiji”. Dolphins panicked and hurled themselves on the rocks, Tia Butt “Dolphins now all dead in The Cove. Some threw themselves on rocks through panic causing more bloodshed. A bloody day at The Cove. However some of pod broke off just before being netted into The Cove and hunters drove them back out to sea.”

Each year a small group of men known as the Fisherman’s Union obtain permits from the government of Japan to slaughter 2000 dolphins. The academy award-winning film, “The Cove” revealed the closely guarded secret of this inhumane slaughter of  higher beings with brains larger than mans, that have unknown potential. The government of Japan claimed the slaughter to be humane with dolphin suffering only lasting seconds, but film maker Dieter Hagmann obtained hidden footage of a striped dolphins slowly dying suffering for as long as 7 minutes, as a hunter filled the wounds with bamboo nails so to impede bleeding thus impeding media coverage

The meat is tainted with mercury, PCB‘s and other toxins  so why do the dolphin hunters continue to kill the monarchs of the sea with such abandon? It is not the dolphin meat that is filling their pockets with gold but the dolphin captives. None where taken today but the money obtained from the sale of these shattered beings to Marine parks and dolphinariums worldwide supports the slaughter. The history of the captive industry and their involvement in Taiji can also be seen for free online in “A Fall from Freedom”

Please boycott SeaWorld, swim with dolphins, aquariums, and dolphin assisted therapy. Why? Because captivity supports slaughter, and shatters the lives of dolphin families everyday. This is not just a Japanese problem this is a world problem with big corporations at its core. Joining with environmentalists in Japan and worldwide we can end the senseless slaughter of the minds in the water, the monarchs of the sea. Together we can make a difference. One voice is a drop of water but joined we can become an ocean to help our dolphins friends swim save and free!

A special thanks to all the volunteers on the ground in Taiji. Without you the world would not know that dolphins are dying! We applaud your bravery and determination to stand up for the dolphins and report the sad and senseless killings to the world. You also bring us the good news of the days the cove remains blue and for that we are grateful!

Please join us as we fight this noble cause:

Facebook Taiji Dolphin Action Group

Save Japan Dolphins