220 Pilot Whale Slaughter in The Faroe Islands

By Kirsten Massebeau

Slaughtered Mother Whale and her unborn child

The chant of activist swim fast,swim far,swim deep, did not help 220 pilot on May 28, 2011. Trying to avoid colder currents the whales traveled too close to the Faroe Islands. The Faroese  spotted a pod traveling near their shores.  They sped out to sea and drove the pod of panicked pilot whales into a bay where the community methodically slaughters the entire pod. The entire process is watched over by officials who then distribute the meat to each household. Sadly the death of so many is senseless. 1200 years ago when the Norse tradition grind began the waters were clear and free from toxins. Today the meat is known to carry substantial levels of mercury and PCB’s. that are known to cause Parkinson’s disease and illnesses in children as noted by bluevoice.org. 1200 years ago the proud Norse settlers depended on the grind for survival. Today the grind has become senseless as the meat puts Faroese people and families at risk for future health problems. In addition, so much is known today about dolphin intelligence. Dolphins have brain very similar to mans. The grind is a cultural tradition that whale and dolphin supporters hope can be in memory only. Today though was not the case: “The indigenous people spent all day at the port during the cutting process, will be charged to teach their children to learn how the whales did not neglect to keep them”http://www.stern.de/bdt/bilder-des-tages-traditioneller-walfang-im-nordatlantik-1501450-bc775f4aac6e2c3d.html

In taking action many have said not to bother with the Danish Government (as the Faroese are self governing), but to go directly to the Faroese Government. It is time the EU puts it’s foot down and makes the Faroes stop killing pilot whales and join, or no more trade agreements.” When Denmark in 1973 joined the European Economic Community, now the European Union, the Faroes had the option to remain outside. Like other fisheries dependent communities, the Faroese have not found it their interest to become subject to the Common Fisheries Policy“. We must urge the Faorese government that it is in their best interests to end the “grindadráp”.
Take Action:
Contact The Prime Minister of The Faroe Islands Office and the Faroes Board of Tourism. Urge them to stop killing pilot whales.
Minister Prime Kaj Leo Johannesen
p.o. box 64
FO-110 Torshavan
Teli-+ 298-306-000
email: info@tinganes.fo
The Faroe Islands Board of Tourism
Bryggjubakki 12
P.O box 118
Fo 110 Tórshavn
Tel +298 306100
Fax +298 306105
Please take the time to email, call, or even write a hand written letter. It will take more time as The Faroe Government does not have easy contact information. We know that is a way to silence our comments, so let’s take the extra time.
                                 We do it for them. We must be their voice on land.

Swim Fast* Swim Far*Swim Deep

Taiji Dolphin Slaughter 2011 April 6 Action Now!!

Pilot Whales. Mother and her calf.
A Mother A Calve Diving Deep

Sea Shepherds Conservation Society Scott West reports from Taiji that there are approximately 40 Pilot Whales still left in The Cove. They are slated to die at dawn on Friday May 6th in Japan. This is from 2pm-4pm USA Pacific time on Thurs. May 5th. We have about 8-10 hours. Please contact consulates and embassies. If closed, perhaps this is an emergency. Please ask them to at least spare the babies and pregnant females. Don’t kill the whole pod (Steven Thompson, FB, April 5, 2011)

Please Make a Call to the embassy. Below is a list of Embassies provided by A Teenage Activist

Washington 206-238-6700, New York 212-371-8222, Nashville 615-340- 3400, Chicago 312-280-0400, Denver 303-534-1151, San Francisco 415- 777-3533, Seattle 206-682-9107

London + 44 (0) 207 465 6500

Canada +1 613 241 8541

Australia + 61 (0) 262 7332 3244

South Africa + 27 (0) 12 452 1500

Dublin 3153 (0) 1 202 8300

New Zealand + 64 (0) 4 473 1540

The public relations person in San Francisco said, “If you think you can save those pilot whales by calling the embassies you are only fooling yourselves”. I believe we must make the call anyway!! Let our voices be heard.