Orcas Trapped in Ice Hoping for A Big Miracle

Ariel view of the orca trapped under ice.
Ariel view of the orca trapped under the ice at Hudson Bay, Alaska

A pod of approximately 12 killer whales continues to be trapped under the ice off Hudson Bay, Alaska. The whales were first spotted on Tuesday by a local Inukjuak resident. Inukjuak’s have appealled to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans but as of yet no icebreaker has been dispatched:

Locals in Inukjuak are reporting that the mammals are gathering around one hole in the ice in a desperate bid to get oxygen.

Mayor Peter Inukpuk is urging the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to send an icebreaker as soon as possible to make additional holes in the ice to save the animals.(source)

Killer Whales taking turns as they come up for air
Killer Whales taking turns as they come up for air

Inukjuak held a town meeting and tomorrow they will be setting up a donation link:

They will be setting up an account in the morning and Petah Inukpuk, Mayor of Inukjuak will be calling back with the information on where to donate.
They need assistance financially. This is a town of 1800 people, the trapped orcas are some 38KM from the town.
They are planning on going out tomorrow to begin chainsawing ice away and making the hole bigger. It was about 30 x 30 feet and now it is quite smaller. They feel that they need to keep the hole open until help does arrive.
So, they need gas, generators, and chainsaws…. and I am sure warmth, food and water. I will make a page tomorrow to launch a campaign. (source)

Another ray of hope for the whales was announced today. Kasco Marine Inc. the company involved in freeing the humpback whales featured in the film, “The Big Miracle” have volunteered to help the whales. They desperately need help with equipment and supplies. De-Icers and bubblers are just two of the items on their list.

Please contact Kasco Marine and find out what you can do to help the trapped orcas

Kelly Strandmark

Customer Service

715-262-4488 x 100

Please keep checking Kasco’s Facebook Page and join the Twitter campaign to bring the situation to public attention, (use the hashtags #SaveQuebecWhales and #BigMiracle in your Tweets on this).