Bottlenose Dolphins Slaughtered in The Cove

By Kirsten Massebeau
Update October 4, 2010: It is now thought the large pod of dolphins slaughtered in “The Cove were striped dolphins and not bottlenose. The striped dolphin is known to have a very low survival rate in captivity. 
October 3, 2010 Today Tia Butt of Save Japan Dolphins and Rosie Kunneke, and Sarah Legg  of the Cove Guardians, reported real time from The Cove that 28-30  dolphins were driven into “The Cove” inTaiji, Japan where they were brutally slaughtered. Although the fisherman had built walls to keep watchful eyes out the activists could hear the bottlenose dolphins, mothers, children, and infants thrashing in the water as the dishonorable fisherman of Taiji stabbed them until they were immobilized and then sliced out their spines causing an agonizing death lasting at time up to 10 minutes.

Please watch this video made by Dieter Hagmann last winter to understand the terrible truth about the dolphin drives in taiji:

One dolphin was spared today. That one dolphin will pay for the gas, and all expenses for todays hunt bringing in close to $200,000 from a swim with dolphins program, marine park, or aquarium. The dolphin spared today will be put into a tiny sea pen where his training through food deprivation will begin. Then in one years time he or she will be packed in iced and shipped to a life of captivity and slavery, an early death being certain. Please watch A fall From Freedom a movie that documents the connection between SeaWorld and the dolphin drives of Japan

We must work with the people of Japan to end this cruel slaughter. By supporting Japanese businesses that are promoting eco-tourism and dolphin appreciation we can demonstrate that supporting the dolphins in the wild can be profitable. Please support Izumi Ishii because he is our hope for the future. His t-shirts are wonderful and his tours are taking the Japanese coastlines away from whaling and towards eco-tourism.

Izumi Ishii A Champion for Dolphins

Please Join the movement to save the dolphins of Taiji

And if you haven’t already please watch The Cove

Please send love, energy, and strength to the one remaining dolphin of the pod as he or she swims in the blood of their loved ones wondering what kind of monster is this creature that walks on land. She or she has many years of sorrow and pain ahead. This pod will never be forgotten.

Dolphins Having Their Love Torn Apart

Written by Edward Johnson

Save Misty the Dolphin has again created a moving video and piece on the Dolphins of Taiji. Each year 2000 dolphins are brutally murdered in “The Cove” by only 26 dolphin hunters working for the Whale Musueum. “Who Do You Think You Are,” takes a total of 4 min. to view. For me this song and the adjoining video touched my heart as I am sure it has yours. Many thanks to, “Save Misty the Dolphin,” without their efforts this would not have happened. Please stand up with the world  on the Day of  Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji, Japan Sept. 1st at Japanese Embassies around the world.