Letter Opposing Proposed Navy Permits to Harm and Harass 31 million Dolphins and Whales

By Kirsten Massebeau

Dolphin death linked to Naval Sonar exercises off the coast of San Diego,Ca. 2008/In 2000, 17 wnales stranded on beaches in the Bahamas following U.S. Navy sonar exercises. Beaked whales appear to be especially sensitive to sonar.

Dolphin death linked to Naval Sonar exercises off the coast of San Diego,Ca. 2008/In 2000, 17 whales stranded on beaches in the Bahamas following U.S. Navy sonar exercises. Beaked whales appear to be especially sensitive to sonar.

If the U.S. Navy is awarded two permits to “take” 31 million whales and dolphins over the next five years the results will be devastating to whales, dolphins, seals and all marine life off the Atlantic Coastline, Hawaii and Southern California Coastlines. The comment period on these two permits closes on March 11, 2013. Both permits are still up for review. Follow these links to see the permits and submit your comments.

How many more must die for war games!

How many more must die for war games!

A sample letter and suggestions have been provided by Stephen Hambrick creator of the  Facebook Event: Save Whales & Dolphins from Navy Sonar Massacre! 

Please enter your comments regarding the Navy sonar testing. Tell them the potential casualty rate of Marine Mammals is unacceptable.
– NOTE VERY IMPORTANT. Please Be polite. At the end of your Comment Say the following “Request the application by the US Navy be denied.”


The following are all very good examples, however it is not necessary to leave a lengthy Comment.

Such as :
a) The loss of marine life is too great, the oceans with all the vastly diversified free-roaming life of Cetaceans, together with all the other life forms contained within them are not owned or vested to the determination of the USA. Request the application by the US Navy be denied.

b) “I write to express my opposition to this permit. To further allow the Navy to have an increase in incidental takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities; U.S. Navy Training and Testing Activities in the Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing Study Area
The numbers of marine mammals the Navy plans to harm, harass, and kill are catastrophic in impact to all the species specified. It is without precedent to slaughter, maim, otherwise harm cetaceans and other sea life on this scale. Request the application by the US Navy be denied.

c) This permit seeks to fundamentally effect the balance of the worlds oceans and it’s natural habit I wish therefore to demand that you do not award the navy this permit, which seeks to commit devastation which will have consequences well beyond the the USA oceanic jurisdiction. Request the application by the US Navy be denied.

d) Dostana posts, “The loss of marine life is too great, the oceans with all the vastly diversified free-roaming life of Cetaceans, together with all the other life forms contained within them are not owned or vested to the determination of the USA. Request the application by the US Navy be denied.”

e) By the Navy’s own admission, per their application. The Navy requests authorization to take individuals in a total of 74 marine mammal species and another 27 more marine mammals, with serious injury or mortality. While I appreciate the Navy’s ability to defend and protect, the training and exercises should not be at the expense of the life of our oceans. For without our oceans. We have no life!
A panel of leading marine scientists brought together in Oxford in 2011 by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).The suggestion made by the panel is that the potential extinction of species, from large fish to tiny corals, is directly comparable to the five great mass extinctions in the geological record, during each of which much of the world’s life died out. The panel of 27 scientists, who considered the latest research from all areas of marine science, concluded that a “combination of stressors is creating the conditions associated with every previous major extinction of species in Earth’s history”. They also concluded:The speed and rate of degeneration of the oceans is far faster than anyone has predicted; Many of the negative impacts identified are greater than the worst predictions; The first steps to globally significant extinction may have already begun. Dr Alex Rogers, professor of conservation biology at Oxford University and IPSO’s scientific director states: “As we considered the cumulative effect of what humankind does to the oceans, the implications became far worse than we had realized.This is a very serious situation demanding action at every level. We are looking at consequences for humankind that will impact in our lifetime, and worse, in the lifetime of our children and generations beyond that.” Given the state of our oceans at this time, allowing these tests seems to be far beyond a ‘negligible impact’. Therefore I request the application of the US Navy be denied.

Petitions you can sign!

Ocean Lover Takes A Stand for Whales at IWC

While the delegates of the International Whaling Commission fought over the fate of whales ocean advocates stood tall in Panama as their voice. Today science has proven that cetaceans are sentient self-aware beings with intelligence equal to mans. Sadly, many members of the IWC use whaling as a bargaining chip to further their own agenda. The United States bundled their vote with Japan and the Soviet Union to protect the Bow head whale hunt, even going so far as to support the whaling in Greenland where whale meat is sold commercially to tourists while whaling under the guise of subsistence. IWC aboriginal whaling quotas were renewed for the U.S., Russia and the notorious St. Vincent and Grenadines known for their slaughter of humpback whale mothers and their babies. Greenland on the other hand was exposed for its blatant commercial use of whale meat losing any quota for whaling. Korea shocked the world as they made a bid to create a “scientific whaling program” which for Japan has been no more than a cover up for commercial whaling activities. Disappointingly the Southern Atlantic Whale Sanctuary proposed by Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, and Uruguay lost the vote not reaching the 3/4 majority.

Maria Cristina Cely and Lori Neumann Whale Sanctuary fails to pass.

Ocean activist Maria Christina Cely spoke moving words upon finding out the whales of the Southern Atlantic Whale Sanctuary would not be safe from the deadly harpoons of the whalers, “Tough times for those who were present outside the Panama Hotel in the very moment which made known the result of vote for the creation of the Whale Sanctuary South Atlantic. Disappointment, anger and helplessness …. everything in tears”. For a brief moment my spirit faltered once again I was ashamed of the species to which I belong (Maria Christina Cely July 2, 2012).

Maria Cristina Cely taking a moment.

In an interview Maria Christina Cely ocean activist and Sea Shepherd  volunteer/supporter gave us some insight in what it was like to be at the IWC a voice for whales.

Champions: What inspired you to go to the IWC Meeting in Panama?

Maria Cristina Cely: Well, the beginning of the whale’s ordeal takes place at the IWC and I think that is the place to start showing your support to them and condemning the whaler’s decisions. I also believe that they (whalers) need to know the world is watching and that we won’t let them walk away without giving them a piece of our mind. But the most important reason was the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary, the Latin-american countries known as “Grupo de Buenos Aires” were going to fight again for the whales, they stood up and spoke up for the whales and did not sell their votes so I wanted to show them support and respect and let them know that WE were/are proud of them.


Champions: What was the atmosphere like at the meeting?

Maria Cristina Cely: Intense, very intense. You had us out there cheering and calling for the Sanctuary, then you had the delegates from the “Japan group” and the delegates from the pro-whales group and on top of that you had the NGOs. You can cut the tension in the air with a knife, that is for sure. The atmosphere changed after the first day when the Sanctuary proposal lost by a vote, then you could feel the disappointment and the anger but also frustration from the pro-whales parties. The things fired up a little when we rallied Panamanian students and gathered outside the Panama Hotel, the “Honk for the Whales” was a success and we even had some delegates and NGOs come out and cheer with us.

Ocean Activists at IWC Meeting Panama Raise your hands for whales!

Champions: What was it like to be present at this meeting?

Maria Cristina Cely: The IWC brings out every emotion in you. It is a roller coaster, you go from having all this energy and positive thoughts to frustration and disappointment. You want to break into the meeting and tell them how wrong they are and how stupid their killing proposals are, and you look at the delegates and feel rage because you realize this few people decide on the lives of thousands of whales, they profit from them and from their dead and that hits you so hard! It was quite an experience that I will do it again as many times as possible. You have to fight for the whales, the dolphins and the porpoises whether it is in Taiji, in the Antarctic waters, in the Faroes or at the IWC, every fight counts for the final battle, everything counts.

Howie Cooke, Natalie Fox, Nori Neumann, and Maria Cristina Cely Just say no to whaling!

Champions: What did you come away with?

Maria Cristina Cely: We as society need to be more present at the IWC even if it means not being present at the meetings. We need to push more pro-whale countries to take part, because every vote counts. But also we need to push the pro-whale countries to become more involved in working to recuperate the votes of the countries that today voted for Japan.
So I hope I will see you guys there the next time.

Whale Words by Maria Cristina Cely

Together we can make a difference so get involved!

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Surfers for Cetaceans 

Blue Voice

Save Japan Dolphins

Champions for Cetaceans on Facebook

Japanese Research Whaling One Big IWC Loophole

Swim Fast* Swim Far* Swim Deep

Ocean conservations are hearing a call to action as Japanese research whaling vessels led by the Nisshan Maru, head to the North Pacific on a commercial whale hunt. The Japanese government claims they are on a mission of research, “…study their stomach contents, DNA and other information, according to the Institute of Cetacean Research “http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/japan-launches-pacific-research-whaling/story-e6frf7jo-1226073492230 . This is their 18th trip to the North Pacific Ocean, where they will indiscriminately kill one of the planets oldest, and most amazing mammals, whales. With the advent of, “Whale Wars” the entire world was able to watch the sadness and horror as the Japanese whalers slaughtered sentient beings and then packaged the meat for the supermarket. “Whale Wars” also showed the world that we do not have to back down to the Japanese Government. We do not have to stand by and watch these incredibly huge and beautiful creatures suffer at the hands of the dishonorable, Japanese whalers.

Kinoya's canned whale meat, version 2

Whale Meat In A Can

During the 20th century the Japanese whalers were known to be unstoppable driving many species to the point of extinction. In 1986 the International Whaling Commission was formed and a moratorium was placed on whaling. Since that time the Japanese government has sent out whaling vessels under the auspice of research, a loop hole in the moratorium.

On March 11, 2011 a tsunami hit Japan causing devastation, and death beyond the worlds imagination. Pictures and video showing a wall of water descent upon the Otsuchi devastating everything, and everyone, in it’s path. Japan cried out for help, and the world responded with compassion, aid, and assistance.

Minke Whale Dragged By Fin Live to Pier for Slaughter

Sadly the compassion shown by the world to Japan would not be shown to whales and dolphins in 2011. The Cove Guardians, and Save Japan Dolphins would witness a brutal and tedious slaughter of 80 pilot whales on May 4-6th. On April 26th the research vessel left the ports of Kushiro and Hokkaido with a permit to harvest 60 minke whales. Today the Japanese head to the North Pacific with plans to kill 260 whales, 100 of which are minkes. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/japan-launches-pacific-research-whaling/story-e6frf7jo-1226073492230

On the advent of the upcoming IWC meeting taking place July 11-14 in the UK channel islands, ocean conservationists wonder if we will ever see an end to whaling. After last years precarious bid to remove the moratorium, “The idea to uplift the ban on commercial whaling and allow some controlled commercial whaling was wiped off the table. Of course, that is a good thing; it would be a ridiculous step back to allow commercial whaling and I assume that every normal human would see this as common sense.”(Laurens De Groot , June 23, 2010 http://www.seashepherd.org/whales/iwc-blog/).

To understand the loophole we need to start when the moratorium began, “the International Whaling Commission (IWC) finally voted in favor of a moratorium on commercial whaling to go into force in 1986 (25-7-5). Japan objected to the moratorium and continued whaling (Under the ICRW an objecting nation is exempted from the disputed regulations. Japan also continued to hunt sperm whales despite a 1981 IWC zero catch quota.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whaling_in_Japan#Research_whaling

The Gray Whale Another Sushi Favorite On The Extinction List

Clearly Japan has continued to whale commerically since   the moratorium began in 1986. That the Japanese whaler hunters have been allowed to decimate whale population even today in 2011 is unacceptable.  That Japan is knowingly buying the votes of other countries is unacceptable. The only group that has made  headway in stopping the Japanese fleet is the SSCS. The International Whaling Commision needs  a new attitude, and a name change. Instead of managing numbers they need to get on board and start saving our oceans by saving our whales.

Please urge president Obama, to support the restructuring of the IWC. Now is the time if ever to join our voices and let those in power know it is time to stop killing whales. Aboriginal sustenance, research whaling, it is all and excuse to keep clear cutting our oceans of marine life that is needed for our planets survival.

Follow the Link Below to sign the petition:



Contact the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC and urge them to stop killing dolphins and whales.  Be polite, and urge them to protect Japanese consumers from mercury poisoning from eating dangerous whale and dolphin meat.

Ambassador Ichiro FUJISAKI

2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20008

Phone:  202-238-6700

Fax: 202-328-2187

Japan Information and Culture Center

E-mail: jicc@ws.mofa.go.jp

Email the Prime Minister of Japan Nato Kan. Let him know you will not support Japan if they won’t stop murdering cetaceans. By Law the Japanese government must respond to all emails. This is a direct link to his comment page.

Make Today A Day for the whales. Please Call and Write Now. They need us!

Japanese Whalers Have No Compassion For The Minke Whale

By Kirsten Massebeau

The Deep and Sensitive Minke Whale

How can you not see the sensitivity and depth in the eyes of the minke whales. The minke is shy, and rather elusive weighing up to 14 tons. As the  smallest of the baleen whales, the minke is a filter feeder dining on krill, and small schooling fish like cod, and pollock. They are fast swimmers,swimming up to speeds of 24 mph. They reach maturity at 7 or 8 years of age. The females carry their babies for 10-11 months, and their babies nurse for 6 months much like humans. The females swim closer to the shore than the males. The minke’s travel in small groups or alone. They have complex family bonds, and communities. They speak a complex dialect and are famous for vocalizing the “boing”.

Unfortunately for the minke whales of 2011, they are a target of commercial whaling, “Only in recent decades have minke whales been taken by whalers to any extent; they were thought to be too small to be a worthwhile catch. But as the larger whale species became depleted, the whalers began to hunt the minke as a replacement. Since the late 1960s and 1970s, Japan, Russia (which has now ceased whaling), and (to some extent) Norway have focused their whaling efforts on minke whales”, “American Cetacean Society http://www.acsonline.org/factpack/MinkeWhale.htm. ” Because they had already  driven the huge whales like the sperm whale to the brink of extinction, the whalers switched their focus to the smaller minke whale where it remains today.    

North Pacific whaling in Japan -- they use smaller harpoon boats (two have their home ports in Taiji), and kill whales within 50 km of the port they're whaling out of. No "mother ship" here, they just drag the poor soul by it's tail to the port, load it onto the dock via crane and start cutting.(Brian Barnes, Save Japan Dolphins.org, May 13,2011) http://mainichi.jp/photo/graph/20110505/14.jp 
On April 26, 2011 three so called, “research” whaling ships left the ports of Kushiro and Hokkaido. The thirty member crew had received a permit to harvest sixty minke whales for research purposes. In the name of research the Japanese will end up with approximately six hundred tons of minke whale meat.

Minke whale sashimi @ Fugu Itou - Ginza - Tokyo

This Minke Whale sashimi was slaughtered in the name of research.

The hunted whale has a violent awakening from its quiet life.”Even using ‘modern’ methods – which have changed little in 100 years – whale hunts often involve prolonged and intense suffering. The hunt often begins with a pursuit lasting hours, until the whale slows from exhaustion.Once in range, hunters fire an exploding harpoon. This is intended to pierce the whale’s body to a depth of 12 inches before detonation.Sea swells and movement of the boat and whale make a single lethal shot almost impossible.Even if on target, the harpoon rarely kills instantly. Instead it causes massive shock and injury. Inaccurate shots are followed by secondary harpoons and rifle fire.Hunters winch the injured animal onto their boat. At this point, it can be unclear whether the whale is dead – they can store vast amounts of oxygen and shut down all but their essential organs.The whalers’ criteria for judging when a whale is dead are considered inadequate by theInternational Whaling Commission. This means whales may still be in pain even when recorded as dead. Whalers frequently claim that a whale dies within two minutes. WSPA has proof that the death throes can last over an hour.”http://www.wspa-international.org/wspaswork/whaling/aninhumaneend.aspx

Until Japan voluntarily ends their insatiable desire  for whale meat the minke whales future is bleak.


Contact the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC and urge them to stop killing whales and dolphins.  Be polite, and urge them to protect Japanese consumers from mercury poisoning from eating dangerous whale and dolphin meat.

Ambassador Ichiro FUJISAKI

2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20008

Phone:  202-238-6700

Fax: 202-328-2187

Japan Information and Culture Center

E-mail: jicc@ws.mofa.go.jp

Email the Prime Minister of Japan Nato Kan. Let him know you will not support Japan if they won’t stop murdering cetaceans. By Law the Japanese government must respond to all emails. This is a direct link to his comment page.


Please Support the Sea Shepherds, The Cove Guardians, Save Japan Dolphins, and Wdsf/Prowal. Together we can make a difference.

Action Alert!!!! Japanese Begin Whaling Post Tsunami 2011


A Family Massacred At Sea By the Japanese Whalers
This morning I awakened to the new that the Japanese have begun whaling again. The Dall’s porpoises and minke whales are probably dying this moment as I type. This is a quick way to take action post. We need to tell the Prime Minister of Japan that the killing of cetaceans is illegal and must stop. It is time to let go of the old traditions that we know today are wrong.

Follow this Link and send a message to Naoto Kan. Tell him we want to support Japan, but they need to stop whaling it is illegal and wrong.


Sea Shepherd’s, “News Today” page featured a post,”No Welfare for Whaler’s This Year”. In it they address the fact that Japan has undergone a huge disaster. I think the Sea Shepherd’s sum how the world should respond to dishonorable whalers, who are now killing whales.

“There have been a few critics who have been advising us to lay off Japan because of the recent disasters. The point is that Sea Shepherd interventions are not targeting the Japanese people. We are addressing unlawful activities – whale poachers in an area far from Japan, the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, where whales are supposedly protected by law.

Would the war against drug trafficking be put on hold if Colombia has an earthquake? Would we stop opposing shark finning by Chinese longliners off Latin America if China suffers an earthquake? The answer is “no.” Natural disasters cannot be used as a justification for illegal activity including the violations of international conservation law.”(April 26, 2011 http://www.seashepherd.org/news-and-media/news-110426-1.html)



Norway’s Whale Hunt 2011 The Norwegian People Say No More!

By Kirsten Johnson
The Majestic Minke Whales Travel Great Distances
The majority of Norwegians are calling for an end to whaling and yet the government and a handful of whalers persist. On April 1st, 2011 Norway’s annual whale hunt began. The government ruled by the conservative labour party have set the kill quota for minke whales at 1286 the same number as less year regardless of the shrinking market for whale meat. Less than 10% of the Norwegian population consume whale meat. Greater than 90% of Norwegians find whaling cruel and a thing of the past.
The minke whale is a filter feeder, second smallest of the baleen whales. The minke is the only baleen whale still commercially hunted. Adult females and males can weigh up to 10 ton and their calves 750 tons. Minke whales give birth to calves that may nurse for up to two years.The minke whale is known to be a fast swimmer, but not fast enough to outrun harpoon ships of the Norwegian whaling fleet.

The twenty whaling vessels, manned with a handful of vicious whalers, set out to sea on April 1st, 2011 in hopes of spotting a pod or rather a small family, of minke whales so they can begin harvesting their quota.They bear down upon pods with mother, calf, and father. With a sadistic cruelty they harpoon the 10 ton whales and then drag them along the side of their ship until they suffocate or bleed to death. The whales may live through this torture for as long as two hours before they perish. My heart breaks for the minke families that they will slaughter today, and tomorrow. The babes that see their mother harpooned, and then to be coldly harpooned themselves.

The majority of people in Norway want this cruel hunt to stop. They are speaking out for the whales that travel through their oceans.

So what happens to the carcasses of the poor minke whale mother, father or baby that couldn’t get away? The government and the  hunters that partake in this awful sport dump their remains in the ocean hoping the world won’t find out. The Norwegian blog spot NA24 wrote a revealing article, “Norwegians Dump Whale Meat”, written by ChristianHansen:

You can find several comments on the article. Here is one by a Norlander, Benedicte On April 6th
The world is moving ahead, even for the most Nordlander.
Whaling should be stopped!
FSA also warns children and pregnant women from eating whale meat, blah. because of the vast contents of the scroll. mercury.
Do you really eat something like that?
In addition, trapping methods animal abuse.

The whole world looks at us as some dyre plagere engaged in this cruel “hunt”.
Enough is enough!

I can’t help but think of the survivors of this bloody hunt, the minke whales, singing a song of sorrow for their lost mates, children and friends that were so coldly taken by the razor sharp harpoons of the two legged devils. The world wants whaling to stop. Less and less people partake of the cannibalistic consumption of whale meat because they know it is wrong!

In defiance of the world, the Norwegian people, and the International Whaling Commission, the King of Norway, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and his labour party cronies insist on spreading propaganda about whale hunting and seal hunting being sustainable. Tell Stolenberg and King Harald V there is no sustainable killing of marine mammals. Our ocean needs her children for the fish to remain abundant. Marine mammals are an important link in the chain of life. Now is time to stop the cold blooded slaughter of whales and all marine mammals. They need to listen to the people of Norway, and listen to the world!