Taiji Japan Dolphin Hunters Murder Risso Baby and Pod

By Kirsten MassebeauPicture Provided by Martyn Stewart

The Cove Guardians, and Cove Monitors just reported a pod of Risso dolphins with a new baby were slaughtered after being brutally driven into the famous blood cove in Taiji, Japan. A pod, a family, a baby with a life ahead all dead. The baby in the photo above swims in the blood of his or her family as they wait to die. The killers have wiped out their life story and tradition forever. It is hard to imagine how these men, can commit such violence against such gentle beings.

The killers of Taiji have used every means possible to keep watchful eyes out. They have  built fences, and brought in 100’s of police officers to hide their brutal acts of shame. They say they have a right to murder the dolphins as they travel by the Taiji coastlines. For them the scientific discoveries recognizing dolphins as self aware sentient beings means nothing. The blood they wade through as they kill, the cries of a baby dying seem to have no effect on their callous demeanors. But what does make them angry is for the world to see who they are and what they have done.

Thanks to Martyn Stewart we can make the dolphin hunters worst nightmare a reality. They have provided us with pictures for the world to see. This pod will not be forgotten. Sadly, Taiji a beautiful town and coastline with so much to offer will always be remembered  as the Auschwitz for dolphins, and the  dolphin hunters themselves will remembered as dishonorable murders. Unfortunately any hope of saving their families honor is long gone with the blood of the dolphins that have died in the Cove.

Photo Provided by Martyn Stewart

Photo provided by Martyn Stewart

Photo provided by Martyn Stewart

Photo Provided by Martyn Stewart

Photo provided by Martyn Stewart The Cove Red with the Blood of Innocence

A cove that might be beautiful runs red with the blood of innocent dolphins tonight. Please speak out and take action! Help us to save the most intelligent beings on the planet. ET swims in our oceans! We must fight to save the dolphins of Taiji before it is too late!

Follow any of the links provided and join the movement to save the Dolphins of Taiji before it is too late. Together we can make a difference let our voices be heard!




We are fighting for the people of the sea!