615 Dead Dolphins on Beach in Peru

Picture taken by Hardy Jones March 28, 2012 Peru

“I arrived here yesterday, Tuesday 3/28. In that one day we found 615 dead dolphins on 135 kilometers of beach north of San Jose, Peru. This tragedy is unspeakable. BlueVoice is working with Dr. Carlos Yaipen Llanos of ORCA Peru. Tissue samples have been obtained and will be analyzed. Never heard of this level of UME. This must be investigated. We have video and stills for the media. If you have media contacts have them email me at hardyjones@bluevoice.org.”(Hardy Jones)
This action alert is via Hardy Jones of Blue Voice.org. At this time there is no evidence as to why this Unusual Mortality event has occurred. Help is needed to get to the cause of why 615 dolphins have died on the coast near San Jose, Peru. If you are media, or can shed any light on this tragic event  please email Hardy Jones at hardyjones@bluevoice.org.


Hardy Jones has updated his blog on this EMU in Peru http://bluevoice.org/blog.php