Faroe Islanders say Pilot Whales a Gift from God

Pilot Whales. Mother and her calf.

Mother and Calf Pilot Whale

Pilot Whales give birth throught the summer months.Gestation about 15 months and nurse for at least two years. The last calf born to a mother may be nursed for as long as 15 years.Calving interval is 5-8 years. Older pilot whales do not give birth as often as younger females, and will eventually reach menopause. Maturity occurs around 10 years of age and maximum longevity is 45 years for males and 60 years for females.

April and springtime means celebrating new life as our planet renews itself. Unfortunately, for sixty pilot whales and their calves the month of April meant on the shores of the Faroe Islands.
When I first saw pictures and video,  of  the grind I was confused as to why the Faroe Islanders killed  entire pods of pilot whales. How can this be considered humane or sustainable. The pilot whale mothers and newborns are so vulnerable. Is it right to take their lives for food when we know they are so very intelligent and did God put these sensitive beings on planet earth for man to eat?”

Pilot Whales are in fact not whales at all, they are part of the dolphin family. They have extremely large brains, and are highly social and intelligent, and live in complex societies. Mothers and their offspring stay together for a lifetime. They speak several dialects, and in captivity have been able to achieve complex tasks. Shouldn’t this be considered at a time when science has proven dolphins are higher beings.

                      Pilot whale mother and baby

Religion and tradition are both used as excuses worldwide for hunting dolphins and whales. Sadly thanks to man’s polluting the ocean pilot whale meat tainted with Mercury and PCB’s causing Parkinson’s and defects in unborn babies. It seems if ever now is the time to end the hunt for the dolphins and for the children.