Yahoo Sells Risso’s Dolphin Meat from “The Cove”

The World's Eye is on You Taiji

The death tolls soars as day after day the dolphin hunters of Taiji drive pods of gentle, innocent dolphin families into the blood cove where their gentle beginnings have such tragic endings. Why a mere babe must die at the end of a sharp steel hook, spear and bamboo nail is beyond me. My heart goes out to the entire family that died today and for those that have been brutally murdered in the previous slaughters.

So many people wonder as I did who eats this meat? I was amazed to find out that our very own Yahoo is selling dolphin meat in Japan as revealed by the Environmental Investigation Agency team in Japan headed by Clare Perry. Rose Vassey of Hope4Dolphins wrote and eloquent

    • Hope4Dolphins wrote this excellent piece exposing Yahoo in March,

        “TOKYO (March 1, 2011) — Environmentalists Monday called on Yahoo! Japan to ban all sales of whale, dolphin and porpoise products on their fee based Store and Auction sites after discovering that whale products sold via the Yahoo! Japan sites were contaminated with toxic mercury pollution. Mercury can cause brain and neurological damage in humans.

        The Environmental Investigation Agency, a non-profit environmental group based in Washington and London released new results of eight whale products purchased recently from Yahoo! Japan Store sites and tested by a laboratory in Japan earlier this month. Five of the products exceeded the Government of Japan safety guidelines for mercury contamination in seafood for human consumption. The average concentration of mercury in the eight products was 1.78 parts per million, more than four times higher than the “safe” level of 0.4 set by the Government of Japan.

        One whale meat sample was more than 16 times the limit for mercury at 6.5ppm. The sample was sold as “dried whale from Taiji.” Taiji is the town where the Oscar winning documentary “The Cove” documented mass killing of dolphins in the nearby bay.

        Clare Perry, EIA’s senior campaigner who released the mercury results today in Tokyo said that “Yahoo! Japan has a responsibility to end the sale of whale, dolphin and porpoise products to ensure that mercury contaminated products are no longer sold to their internet customers. Thousands of dolphins, porpoises and small whales continued to be killed around the coast of Japan posing a threat to the health of anyone who consumes such products.”

        Kitty Block, vice president of Humane Society International said, ”Yahoo Japan is the biggest internet retailer in Japan and we appeal to them to help protect both the people of Japan who may eat these contaminated products, and also the whales, dolphins and porpoises that are killed in their thousands around the coast.” ( )

        Numbers 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8 are specified as being from Taiji

      This is the second time that EIA has tested whale products sold via Yahoo! Japan
      Store sites. In 2010, similar tests found that half of 10 samples of whale meat sold via Yahoo! Japan exceeded the safe levels for mercury contamination.

      The mercury test results were provided to Yahoo! Japan but the company has refused to take any action to stop the sale of whale, dolphin and porpoise products via its store or auction sites.

U.S. Yahoo owns 33% of Yahoo Japan. Yahoo Japan is the only country that even partially owns the Yahoo name. It seems this was a very strategic move to protect Yahoo U.S. from any responsibility. But we must remember they do own 33% and are still making profits. Every time you open that Yahoo web browser just remember Yahoo is reaping the profits from the flesh of innocent dolphins brutally slaughtered in, “The Cove”.

Call Yahoo and let them know that their support of the dolphin drive’s are unacceptable. Not only are they killing innocent self aware sentient being but they are poisoning the people of Japan.

Yahoo Corporate Headquarters:

Phone 408-349-3300  fax 408-349-3301

701 First Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Yahoo is notoriously difficult to get in touch with. Here is a link to a feedback email form. They want to know what we think?

Let David Filo and Jerry Yang know that Yahoo’s name is stained with the blood of innocent dolphins that are being slaughtered everyday to fill their pockets with gold! Let them know you will no longer use their products if the slaughter continues in The Cove. We may not be able to force our hand in Japan but Yahoo U.S. still owns their 33% of Yahoo Japan, and their relationship with Taiji Japan is unacceptable. Dolphins died for them today and we want them to understand the horror and terror that was inflicted on dolphins today thanks to their greed and willingness to do anything no matter now despicable to make a profit.